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Move To Bulgaria

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to Bulgaria Easy for You. Start your move to Bulgaria by getting a free moving quote.

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to Bulgaria Easy for You. Start your move to Bulgaria by getting a free moving quote.

Removal To Bulgaria

Comprehensive Guide on Move To Bulgaria

Moving to a new country is a challenging task as it is a significant lifestyle change. From the language and currency to restaurants and education, you need insight into all topics before you make your move. In addition, proper planning and knowledge of the moving process help the move be hassle-free.

If you are looking to move to Bulgaria from UAE, we aim to provide complete information about the move and the country to help you stay prepared. From the costs you will incur at each stage to the type of Visa you will need, read on to learn about all you need to know to relocate to a city in Bulgaria comfortably.

Bulgaria is a Balkan country with a diverse range of terrains, from mountains to rivers. Sofia is its capital, and the country is a hub of various cultures like Greek, Ottoman, Slavic and Persian cultures. The country’s population is about 6.9 million, with Bulgarian being the official language spoken in the country.

The vast majority of the people in the country are Orthodox Christians. The country covers a vast expanse of 110,994 square kilometers and is one of the largest countries in Europe. It has many tourist destinations and incredible cities to settle down in. Read on to learn more about the perks of relocating to Bulgaria from Saudi Arabia.

Benefits of Moving to Bulgaria

The significant benefits of moving to Bulgaria are listed below:

1. Favorable climate
2. Excellent scenery
3. Stable economy
4. Good job opportunities
5. Low cost-of-living
6. Appealing food and wine
7. Welcoming communities
8. Authentic cultural factors

These factors make a move to Bulgaria incredibly advantageous. It covers most families’ needs and offers excellent jobs and education opportunities to progress in your careers. ISS is the best moving company in Bulgaria which helps you transfer your goods with great ease. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your goods during relocation with our expert services.

Moving To Bulgaria

How To Move To Bulgaria

For some people, relocating to Bulgaria from Qatar can be a difficult choice. To determine whether you are qualified to apply for a Bulgarian visa or not is the first step in this process. Applying for a Bulgarian visa is not an arduous task if you are moving to Bulgaria from the west.
Starting with packing your belongings and ending with a safe relocation to Bulgaria from Oman, we at ISS Relocations will help you every step of the way. To learn more, get in touch with us!

Move To Bulgaria | ISS Relocations
Relocation Company in Bulgaria

Move To Bulgaria Visa's Requirements

If you plan to move to Bulgaria from Kuwait with the intention of relocation, there are two relevant Visas which are necessary for a smooth transfer:

1.Visa A
Visa A is usually used for transit purposes when you are passing through a Bulgarian airport and traveling to another destination. However, in some cases, this Visa helps you reach the Bulgarian airport without any trouble when you don’t meet some other needs associated with your identity information documents.

2. Visa D
The Visa-D is the Visa of interest for relocators. It allows you to move to the country for up to 1 year, after which you have to renew it. You have to produce proof of residence after you enter the country for the permit to hold. You can freely reside in the country with this Visa.

The primary documents you need to apply for these Visas are listed below:

– A duly filled Visa application form
– Your passport
– A passport-size photo which matches the standard dimensions of 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm with your face in the focus of good lighting
– Proof of residence
– Travel tickets
– Sufficient travel clearance and travel insurance during your stay.

Other Visas of interest are work visas and student visas. You can produce your enrollment letter to educational institutions and employment forms to obtain the respective Visas. The fees associated with Visas A and D are detailed below:In other cases, an e-Visa is issued instead of the traditional passport stamp and based on the type of visa, a fee between 5 BHD and 100 BHD is charged for the application. You also need to provide your employment status and the purpose of the visit during the application process.
We at ISS can assist you with your visa application. Our professional experts efficiently handle visa procedures and can provide guidance, especially if this is your first foreign visit. We make moving to Bahrain easier.

Cost of a short-term or airport transit Visas (Visa A) Cost of long-term Visa (Visa D)
For Adults – 80 Euro For 6-months – 100 Euro
For Children – 40 Euro For 1 year – 200 Euro

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Relocation To Bulgaria

Cost Of Move To Bulgaria

The cost of movement is heavily influenced by where you live. Transportation costs, primarily flight charges, form the principal basis of how much it will cost to move to Bulgaria from India. In addition, the city you move to influences how much you pay for the tickets.

Phone costs and storage costs add to the total cost of movement. You may need to spend anywhere between €2000 to €20000 or more depending on where you plan to move and the baggage you carry. Hiring professional movers will reduce your burden to a great extent.

ISS offers excellent moving services in Bulgaria from all around the world. We offer affordable packages for the complete removal process and help you relocate. Our team of experts devise the best transport route to safely transfer your belongings without any form of damage to the goods.

Move To Bulgaria

Housing In Bulgaria

Housing opportunities vary vastly in Bulgaria. The costs vary with whether you settle in popular cities or choose options with a lower cost of living. The size of the family, housing expectations and whether the property is to be furnished are significant features that influence the housing rates.
The major costs of housing are detailed in the table below:

Type of Housing Costs (in Bulgarian Lev)
Renting a 1-bedroom apartment 500 – 700
Renting a 2-bedroom apartment 600 – 1000
Renting a 3-bedroom apartment 800 – 1200
Purchasing an apartment 2000 – 3000 per square metre
Purchasing a house 5000 – 25000

These costs depend on the city you live in. Tax rates of 10% are applicable to your cost of living. Housing opportunities are readily available throughout the country, which matches your needs and demands. This makes the country appealing to move to for various families.

Move To Bulgaria

HealthCare System In Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a largely centralized form of healthcare, with the government spending about 4.2 per cent of its GDP on the healthcare of citizens. The country has a vast resource of doctors for health care in hospitals which exceeds the overall average of Europe. Most large cities have qualified professionals with excellent facilities in governmental medical establishments.
The Ministry of Health is responsible for major healthcare concerns in the country. Health insurance is incredibly beneficial in the country as it covers all significant prospects. Private hospitals are also majorly established in popular cities of Bulgaria, ranging from dentists to pharmaceutical establishments.

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Emigrate To Bulgaria

Taxation In Bulgaria

Bulgaria offers the lowest tax rates on personal as well as corporate taxations. The set rate is 10 percent, which is the lowest in the European Union. The country is best suited to make major profits in both professional settings and personal investments as it doesn’t exceed the flat limit of 10 per cent.
The percentage is set for all types of employment. Exemptions are available to a specific section of income rates. This low rate makes it favorable for people emigrating to Bulgaria. You can flourish quickly and scale up your living arrangements with lower tax cuts on your salary.

Move To Bulgaria

Education In Bulgaria

Education up to 16 years is compulsory in Bulgaria. This includes the significant stages of education, which are preschool, primary school, lower secondary and upper secondary schools. The Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Sciences precedes the educational affairs of the country.

Compulsory schooling is free in the country. Bulgaria has multiple offers for degrees and internships, which are recognised worldwide. The opportunities are available to all transferring international students for a smooth transfer and accessible accommodation to a new system of education.

Reasonable tuition fees and scholarship programs are available in various degree opportunities. The majority of the institutions are public. Sofia is a big hotspot for excellent universities to pursue degrees and postgraduate studies. Varna and Plovdiv are other major centers with exceptional educational opportunities.

These educational opportunities make it a suitable country to move to. The best international movers in Bulgaria are ISS Relocations. We offer quality services of safe transfer of all your belongings with our network of professionals. A significant weight is off your shoulders when you hire us for your relocation to the Balkan country.

Moving To Bulgaria

Work Market In Bulgaria

The work market in Bulgaria is flourishing with incredible job opportunities. Skilled professionals are more in demand than IT professionals opening the scope of hiring to people from various backgrounds. Thriving businesses open up opportunities in marketing and product research which form flourishing roles in the current job market.

Engineers and medical professionals also find many opportunities in major cities in the country. These sectors are also funneled into by the numerous universities with degree opportunities in medicine and science. Growing technological demands expand these sectors for more job opportunities for new settlers.

ISS offers moving services if you are planning to move to Bulgaria from Dubai. You can focus on the housing and employment technicalities and leave the safe moving process to us experts. We pay good attention to your precious belongings and provide excellent services making us the best international movers in Bulgaria.

Move To Bulgaria

Best Cities To Living In Bulgaria

The best cities which are favorable for relocating to Bulgaria are listed below:

1. Sofia
Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and is a hub of educational institutions. The city has affordable options for families to settle down quickly and experience excellent summers. The weather and economy are the major selling points of this incredible city.

2. Varna
Varna is an excellent spot for settlements if you want a calm and soothing environment. The city lies on the Black Sea coast and is known for the glorious sea view it provides. The city is also home to many medical universities, making it an excellent place for people interested in medicine to emigrate to Bulgaria.

3. Plovdiv
Plovdiv is known for being the second largest city in Bulgaria which is located on the banks of the river Maritsa. The city is a great hub of culture, food and education, making it a great spot for settlements of families. The city has many restaurants and cafes and is a hub for digital spaces.

4. Burgas
Much like Varna, Burgas is another popular destination for settlement on the Black Sea coast. Renting places in Burgas is cheaper, with all the amenities that Varna provides, making it an excellent place for people working with a budget.

You can employ the services of a moving company in Bulgaria for easy transportation of all your belongings, including furniture, clothes and other commodities. ISS offers excellent services which are reliable and have accomplished effective removals for many customers in the past.

Moving To Bulgaria


Yes. Bulgaria has excellent employment and educational opportunities making it a great country to move to. It has low tax rates and is a hub of culture with good food. The cost of living and medical provisions are better than in most countries in the world, making it a great place to settle in.

The best cities in Bulgaria to move to are Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas. These cities are well developed and offer excellent services, which makes them suitable areas for settlement. Education, employment and health care are easily accessible in these cities.


To move to Bulgaria, you need a long-term stay visa called Visa-D. You may require an airport transit visa called the Visa-A. These Visas will help you transfer to Bulgaria seamlessly. The long-stay Visa – D stands for one year for adults and is available for a fee of €200 after the necessary verification of documents.


Moving to a new country is a stressful process, and the transfer of your belongings is a major concern. ISS Relocations releases that burden and provides complete safety towards the transfer of all your commodities to your new residence. No matter where you live, we figure out the best method of transport and safely move your belongings.

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