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Moving To Kuwait

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to Kuwait Easy for You. Start your move to Kuwait by getting a free moving quote.

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to Kuwait Easy for You. Start your move to Kuwait by getting a free moving quote.

Moving To Kuwait

Comprehensive Guide on Relocating To Kuwait

A small emirate located between Iraq and Saudi Arabia is one of the driest and inhospitable deserts on Earth. Despite its size of 17,818 km², Kuwait is a popular destination for expatriates with around 70% of the population comprises of expats. Kuwait offers a high standard of living so many expats have taken a plunge and moved to Kuwait. The country’s strong economy is the main reason why expats move to Kuwait. Wish to move to Kuwait? ISS Relocations is the most reputed, quality and affordable relocation service provider for all your relocation needs.

ISS Relocations’ team is considered the best movers and packers in Kuwait to help you move all your belongings stress-free. Things we help you move to Kuwait are…

APARTMENT: The main factor for the success of any apartment relocation in Kuwait is finding the right movers and packers in Kuwait to generate a solid project plan and manage it. ISS Relocations is a one-stop solution when you wish to move to Kuwait.

OFFICE: Deciding to relocate your office to Kuwait can be the right opportunity to attract enterprise-level clients along with high calibre talent. The major benefit of moving to Kuwait in a new office will help with a more efficient workflow.

PET: You need thorough planning quiet in advance to relocate your pet to Kuwait. ISS Relocations is a reliable and professional pet relocation service provider that renders personalized moves for your dearest pets.

PIANO: Leaving behind a piece that is very close to your heart will leave you shattered. ISS Relocations is a professional piano moving company in Kuwait that will help you move your piano to Kuwait.

Category Information
Capital Kuwait City
Time Zone GMT +3:00
Currency Kuwaiti Dinar KWD
Population 4,385,942
Official Language Arabic
Dialling Code +965
Emergency Number 112
Driving On the right side
Movers and Packers in Kuwait

How To Move To Kuwait?

Kuwait is an attractive choice for many expats who particularly wish to work in the oil industry. With more than 8% of the world’s oil reserve; Kuwait is the most powerful player in this sector. If you wish to work in Kuwait you need to move your belongings. ISS Relocations has a team of trained staff who lessens the burden of packing your belongings with absolute perfection.

Wish to be free from all the uncertainties during the moving to Kuwait?

We can make your relocation to Kuwait easy and at the most genuine price.
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Moving To Kuwait | ISS Relocations
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Moving To Kuwait Visa's Requirements

Except for the nationals of the member states of the Gulf Corporation Council, all other visitors need a visa permit to enter Kuwait. As long as you have the right visa permit, you can have a carefree stay in Kuwait. Just like Bahrain, the immigration system of Kuwait also works on sponsorship.

Thus visitors need to be sponsored by a Kuwait national or company to avail of a Kuwait Visa. Our experts at ISS can help you understand in detail the various requirements regarding the Kuwait Visa and also help you acquire sponsors for a visa. Our visa consultants are experienced and skilled in the work, and we ensure a positive experience for you.

You also need a residency visa if you are planning to move to Kuwait and work there. Once a male has successfully gained a residential visa in Kuwait, he can sponsor his wife and children so that they can live with him in Kuwait. However, there are certain restrictions on this facility based on the salary requirements of the person. Only a man who earns at least 650 KWD per month is permitted to bring his family with him.

There are mainly two basic types of visas available in Kuwait.

Visit Visa: This is the first type of visa and is available in multiple forms depending on your duration of stay. Following are the visit visa options that are provided in Kuwait:
1. 3-month visit visa
2. 3-month tourist visa
3. 6-month business visa
4. 1-week tourist visa
5. Multiple entry visa

You can apply for Kuwait visa at your nearest Kuwaiti consulate as long as you have the correct documents. You need to attend an interview for Kuwait Visa at the consulate.

Residence Visa: Kuwaiti residency visas are the second kind. A Kuwaiti resident visa might be one of three subtypes:
1. Work visa
2. Domestic visa
3. Dependent visa, where you will be allowed to bring your family to Kuwait under certain restrictions.

For a better understanding of the types of visas and which visa is suitable for you, consult our experts. We have experts who specialize in this field, and our moving company in Kuwait can also help you relocate.

The documents required to acquire a visa in Kuwait are:
1. Visa application form
2. Your passport and a passport size photo
3. Security form filled by your sponsor
4. Sponsor’s civil ID and a passport-sized photo
5. Sponsor’s passport
6. Sponsor’s work permit for private employees
7. Sponsor’s salary statement signed by his employer
8. Family members’ documents or ID proof
9. Your medical certificate
10. Your graduation degree and phone number

You need to pay visa fees for visa processing. The following table states the visa fees applicable:

SINGLE ENTRY 30 DAYS (Male)389NASingle
SINGLE ENTRY 30 DAYS (Female)427NASingle

For a visa in Kuwait, you need to contact a Kuwait national who can vouch for you and help you gain a Kuwait Visa. In case you have been employed by a company in Kuwait, then based on your employment offer, your company will help you gain Kuwait Visa. Your company will apply on your behalf for a visa with the Kuwait government.

Once the visa has been issued, a ‘No Objection Certificate’ will be issued to you so that you can enter Kuwait. Your residency visa will be issued to you after you have entered Kuwait. You need to apply for a Kuwaiti civil ID within 30 days of receiving your residential visa.

Women ex-pats cannot sponsor their husbands for a visa, and parents can’t sponsor sons over 21 years for the Kuwait visa. Moreover, workers also need to have a separate work visa apart from the residential visa.

Our visa consultants can assist you in the application process and guide you through the procedure. Contact us to know more about moving to Kuwait.

Moving To Kuwait

Cost of Moving To Kuwait

ISS Relocations is a global relocation service provider with a full spectrum of responsible relocation services at the most competitive prices. Our expert team will provide international relocation services specially tailored to your needs and requirements. As a part of our service, our team remains in constant communication with you throughout the move to Kuwait. There is no personal income tax in Kuwait for the locals as well as for the expats living there.

When looking at the cost of living in Kuwait, it is 32% cheaper than Dubai and 28% cheaper than Abu Dhabi. ISS Relocations is your one-stop solution for all your relocation needs providing end-to-end services while your move to Kuwait.

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Housing In Kuwait

When relocating abroad, proper housing is a major concern for all expats. Fortunately, Kuwait provides housing facilities where many expats end up basing themselves. The majority of housing in Kuwait comes in the form of apartments and villas. Many expats relocating to Kuwait have accommodation arranged through their employer which comes with 3 options: Furnished, Semi-furnished and Unfurnished. Expat compounds are the most popular options for accommodation in Kuwait available to foreigners. However, consider the availability of parking space if at all you plan to rent or buy a car in Kuwait.

Expats in Kuwait usually live there on rent which can be addressed as follows:

Type of Apartment Cost of Rent per Month
1 Bedroom Apartment in City Centre KWD 200-350
1 Bedroom Apartment Outside of Centre KWD 150-250
3 Bedroom Apartment in City Centre KWD 400-700
3 Bedroom Apartment Outside of Centre KWD 300-500
Moving To Kuwait

HealthCare System In Kuwait

Although healthcare facility is free for the local citizens in Kuwait, ex-pats need to pay for their medical bills. There are certain private healthcare insurances available for ex-pats that they can apply for.

International moves are made easier with ISS Relocations. Want to move to Kuwait? But worried about moving and relocation? Our expert movers in Kuwait at ISS offer moving services for all types of relocations. Get a free consultation, we are the best movers and packers in Kuwait.

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Taxation In Kuwait

You don’t have to pay any taxes in Kuwait. Even if you are an ex-pat, you are exempted from all taxes. However, you will need private insurance for healthcare services since, being an ex-pat, you won’t be able to access public services.

Moving To Kuwait

Education In Kuwait

Kuwait has a literacy rate of 96%. And has four stages of schooling. Many international schools in Kuwait provide quality education for your children. These schools teach in English, which helps your child adapt to the environment faster.

Many private schools also aim for foreign citizens. Thus, some schools teach US and UK curricula too. It is advised to apply to these schools 6 to 9 months before your relocation since there can be a waiting list.

Planning to move to Kuwait? Contact us for the best relocation services Kuwait. We offer warehousing in Kuwait too and specialize in international moves.

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Work Market In Kuwait

The oil industry is the biggest sector in Kuwait. If you have the right qualifications in the engineering field, then you can explore employment options in the oil sector. TFL is also an amazing option, and you can apply for the post of highly qualified teacher in private language schools.

Thus whichever field you choose to apply to, you require a degree and proper qualifications. Working hours in each sector differ from one another. However, the number of working hours per week varies from 40 to 48 hours.

You also receive a 35-day paid annual leave in your first year of occupation, provided you have completed 6 months of your employment with the same employer. There are 9 national holidays in Kuwait, and pregnant women are given 70 days of paid maternity leave.

Moving To Kuwait

Most Desirous Cities To Live In Kuwait

How to choose the best city for you and your family in Kuwait? Where should you settle as an expat? There are millions of questions that you would want to know. And of course, would you be able to afford it? The city you choose can be one of the best cities in Kuwait but you need to consider certain aspects like how far is your office; the distance from your home to school, hospital, grocery store and pharmacy. Prepare your move to Kuwait and choose one of these cities:

Movers In Kuwait


Money is the biggest encouragement for people who wish to move to Kuwait. The KD is the strongest currency in the world, and there are no taxes in Kuwait. Thus, living here offers some cool financial benefits.

Though Kuwait is a small country, it is a great place to relocate to in the Middle East. It also has many job opportunities with so many industries and international businesses. We are movers and packers in Kuwait and can help you relocate. Contact us to avail of our services.

Yes, women are allowed to work in Kuwait.

Kuwait has one of the world’s lowest employment rates and requires no income tax. This makes it an attractive market for ex-pats and makes it easier to climb up the social ladder.

Some jobs that offer good pay are in the field of accounting, consultancy, and professional services.

Yes, apart from Arabic, English is a widely spoken language in Kuwait. It is a compulsory language in schools and used in business.

Yes, you can buy a house in Kuwait though certain conditions need to be kept in mind. Ex-pats should hold no criminal record, provide a valid income statement, and the property should only be used for private residence.

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