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Moving To Germany

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to Germany Easy for You. Start your move to Germany by getting a free moving quote.

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to Germany Easy for You. Start your move to Germany by getting a free moving quote.

Relocation To Germany

Comprehensive Guide on Moving To Germany

Traveling abroad is fun but moving to an unknown country and settling there is a task. People these days often have to relocate to different places in search of jobs, for higher studies, or to expand their businesses. Many people are moving to Germany and are loving the new life in a new country.

We get a lot of questions regarding which country is best to settle in or has a good life. We believe all cities and countries are good if you have the right reasons to move there and are surrounded by your loved ones.

Germany is one of the best places to move in. It has lovely people, disciplined lives, good infrastructure, fast and growing technological developments, and the right work culture. Also, Germany has several work opportunities and is a hub for international students.

Apart from this, the people of Germany are welcoming and make outsiders feel comfortable. The environment of the country is also pure and great for refreshing oneself.

Germany is a great place to settle and start your new life. It has several opportunities and opens new doors for the citizens and expats. The environment of the country, climate, and housing locations are perfect for helping you lead a healthy life. It is one of the most happening European countries. The place is known for its diversity. We at ISS Relocations will pave your way to the beautiful country. Our teams also provide warehousing in Germany that will aid you in moving your stuff safely.

Moving to a new place is often considered a hassle, but it can be fun with the right help. Our company, ISS Relocations, provides moving services in Germany, do contact us if you are looking for a good relocator. We provide expert services and the best prices and try to make your moving experience a memorable one. We have international movers in Germany that will help you move your belongings stress-free.

We also have pet relocation services in Germany that will enable you to take your pet along safely. We are a one-stop solution for all moving and relocation services.

Benefits of Relocation to Germany
The highly developed and fast-growing country will allow you to lead a stable life. Here are some benefits of relocating to Germany and experiencing being a part of a robust economy.

– Stable political and Social Structure
– Job Opportunities
– Free Healthcare
– Multiple Immigration Programs
– Multicultural

Move To Germany

How To Moving To Germany

Immigrating to a new place is difficult and takes a lot of time and effort. But we, ISS Relocations, are here to make it simple for you. We are just a call away. Our team is available 24/7 to make your moving process hassle-free. The first step is to find out whether you are eligible to immigrate to Germany or not.

Once you know your eligibility status, you need to know more about German rules. Germans are warm and welcoming. You will not feel out of place with them; instead will cherish their company and learn a bunch of new things.

Our sole motive is to satisfy our customers and make them feel content. We will be a part of your emigrating to Germany journey.

All the other things, like moving your belongings, and helping you with warehousing, will be handled by the ISS international movers in Germany.

Moving To Germany | ISS Relocations
Relocation To Germany

Moving To Germany Visa's Requirements

If you plan to visit Germany for any reason, you must apply for a visa. There are two types of visas for Germany. One is a short-term visa, also known as a C-type visa. This is valid if you wish to visit for less than 90 days. But if you want to settle there or want to visit the country for a longer period, you need a long-term visa, also known as the D-type visa. You have to choose a relevant reason for a long-term visa.

– Visa for visiting friends or family
– Tourist visa
– Student visa
– Germany Medical Visa
– Germany visa for cultural sports or film crew
– Germany transit visa
– Training or Internship Visa

Multiple documents are needed, and it is a time-consuming process. Here are some of the common documents required for applying for a visa:

– Valid passport
– Proof of civil status
– A cover letter
– Proof of accommodation
– Income proof
– Germany Health Insurance copy

Other than these, specific Visas need some other additional documents.

Employed people
– Leave permission from the respective employer
– Bank Statement (of the latest 6 months)
– Employment contract
– Income tax return

– Copy of Business License
– Bank Statement
– Income Tax Return

– Character certificate specifying no restrictions imposed on the student
– Proof of Enrollment

Retired people
– Pension statement (of the latest 6 months)

Some other special conditions require other documents, too, like a birth certificate for minors, an official invitation for delegates, and in some cases, a marriage certificate and permission for a spouse.

Different Visas cost differently. The type of Visa determines the cost you will incur. This fee payment has to be done before attending the interview. Here is a brief fee structure.

– Adults applying for a short-stay visa have to pay around €80
–  Adults applying for a long-stay visa have to pay a fee of €75
– Children Under the age of 12 have to pay a fee of €40.
– It is free for children under 6 years.

Some additional charges have to be paid depending on the type of Visa you have applied for.

Type Of Visa In EUR (€)
Study Permit €75
Germany Visitor Visa Fee €80
Work Permit €75
Permanent Residence Fee €75

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Relocation To Germany

Cost Of Moving To Germany

Germany is one of the most happening countries in Europe and is known for its constantly growing robust economy. All the industries and companies of the country are fond of skilled people and have loads of opportunities for them. It is known as the Engine of Europe.

Germany is one of the least expensive countries among the group of developed nations. The country has it all. If you wish to reduce the cost of living and live a simple life, a small city in Germany is best for you. But if you can afford a flamboyant lifestyle, cities like Munich and Hamburg are best suited for you.

The European country is 37% less expensive than the US and cheaper than the UK in terms of cost of living.

Moving To Germany

Housing In Germany

People often move to Germany from Middle East in search of work or for higher studies and end up buying permanent properties. Germany is a beautiful place to settle. It has everything to make your life comfortable. But buying a good property in the country can be challenging. With all types of houses ranging from 1-2 bedroom to big villas, the nation has it all. It might be expensive if you wish to settle in some posh city in the country. It is advisable to initially live in sharing or hostels, explore the new country, earn and then own a property.

Move To Germany

HealthCare System In Germany

One of the key factors to analyze before moving to a new place is Healthcare. Germany has universal, world-class medical facilities. The country understands the value of human life and provides best of the medical services to the citizens. All citizens (including foreigners) must possess medical insurance. Other than this, all the people living in the country get subsidized healthcare facilities.

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Moving To Germany

Taxation In Germany

The tax system in Germany is strict and well-defined. All the country’s citizens are quite conscious and responsible for paying regular taxes. The German tax system is based on progressive tax rates in which the percentage of tax increases with the rise in income. If you struggle to calculate the tax amount, use an online German tax calculator to understand the system. In a nutshell, the German taxation system is just and fair. The government of the nation uses tax money to improve the country’s infrastructure.

Relocation To Germany

Education In Germany

Germany is one of the top 5 countries when it comes to education. The place has all the top-ranked universities. Along with traditional knowledge, Germans also believe in imparting vocational knowledge. This increases the options for students and allows them to study whatever they are interested in.

All universities in Germany provide financial aid to students and have special low-cost programs for them. Education in Germany is a perfect blend of practical exposure and literal knowledge.

All the schools in Germany do not have great options for ex-pats or foreigners but the Universities in the country have it all for international students. One of the major attractions of studying in Germany is free or low-cost education. If you are looking for a place that will allow you to live a stable life and want your child to get quality education, Germany is one of the best options.

Moving To Germany

Work Market In Germany

Germany is known for its great work culture and abundance of employment opportunities. The labour market of the nation is in good shape. Germany is a hub of corporate giants. If you are willing to relocate to Germany in search of better work opportunities, it is the best place. It is a constantly growing economy with an increased standard of living. Salaries in the country range from 960 EUR per month to 17,000 EUR. Germany adores skilled professionals and allows them to grow. The European country has diverse work options ranging from finance to vocational fields.

Moving To Germany

Best Cities To Living In Germany

Germany has become the 4th most popular country to migrate to. All thanks to the work ethic of the place, the natural environment, and the recreational culture. It all binds together and makes the country a perfect place to live in. Our expert team and moving services in Germany make your moving experience comfortable.

Berlin: The capital city of Germany is a great blend of modern architecture and traditional historical buildings. The vibe of the city is a unique one. It is known as the Start-up ecosystem of Europe. Berlin is a place with a ample jobs and internship opportunities.

Munich: Munich is the city of students. It has all the top-ranked universities and training opportunities. Some of the big corporate giants like BMW Group, Airbus Group, Allianz AG, Siemens, etc are situated in the city. This is one of the most luxurious cities with the highest cost of living. But the money spent is worth the stay.

Hamburg:  It is a great city with rich culture and architecture. The career opportunities here revolve around media, entertainment, and finance. The city has a few reputed universities that are the main attraction for international students. It is the hub of exports as Hamburg is the 3rd largest port in Europe. The cost of living in Hamburg is similar to Munich as it is the home of millionaires and big corporate organizations.

Hamburg is known as the rainiest city, so if you love rain and wish to settle in a beautiful, posh area, this city must be your first choice. This city is also known for its rich culture and tempting food.

Relocation To Germany


Once you decide to move to Germany from UAE, depending on your purpose, get a Visa and get started. Germany is one of the best-developed countries to relocate to and is a hub for ex-pats. There are several educational programs and sponsorships available for that. It will not just reduce your expenses but will also connect you with like-minded people and help you move easily.


Yes, you can move with your family, but a valid reason is required to relocate. If you are planning to relocate to Germany, do contact us at ISS relocation for all kinds of moving services.


Yes, you can apply for a Visa on your own. But if you wish to get the Visa on time and want the process to be hassle-free, contact a professional for help. Getting Visa is easy but involves the submission of various documents and a lot of paperwork. A professional will save you time and hassle.

Our teams at ISS specializes in moving services and help you move all your belongings. We are available 24/7 to assist you with all the movers and packers services. From moving your housing stuff to making your pet reach safely, we have it all.

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