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Moving To Indonesia

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to Indonesia Easy for You. Start your move to Indonesia by getting a free moving quote.

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to Indonesia Easy for You. Start your move to Indonesia by getting a free moving quote.

Relocation To Indonesia

Comprehensive Guide on Moving To Indonesia

Whether you’re moving to Indonesia for work or for a change in your stagnant lifestyle, you are not alone. Many individuals have done the same for the amazing benefits that Indonesia as a country offers.

From the food to the incredible culture, the country is welcoming and will surely fill your life with warmth and happiness. We know moving to a new country is a hard decision to make, but with the assistance of ISS Relocations, the best moving company in Indonesia, the aspect of moving has now become seamless and straightforward.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about relocating to Indonesia in this comprehensive guide. We will guide you through every step from availing information about the visas, finding the job, integrating into the local lifestyle, and making this move a smooth, seamless and stress-free process. Let’s move to Indonesia!

Benefits of Moving to Indonesia:

  • High-class education
  • Expat Assistance
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Affordable and Accessible Transport
  • Cheap cost of living
  • Friendly and Social Environment
Move To Indonesia

How To Moving To Indonesia

If you want to move to Indonesia, there are a few things you should know. The procedure might be difficult, so be sure you avail all of the necessary information before you initiate the process of moving. The best moving company in Indonesia, ISS Relocations, can assist in making the process smoother as we incorporate and utilize all the effective tools you need to make your move a success. The first stage is to determine your eligibility to immigrate to Indonesia.

Once you’ve determined your eligibility, you now must start preparing for relocation to Indonesia. We’ll also help you set your life up in Indonesia, from pet relocation in Indonesia to moving all your assets with utmost professionalism. Relocating to Indonesia is a huge change in your life and ISS makes this aspect more convenient!

Moving To Indonesia | ISS Relocations
Relocation To Indonesia

Moving To Indonesia Visa's Requirements

Maybe you are moving to Indonesia for a job opportunity or just for a change of scenery. Different requirements mean the length of your stay also changes. Thus, there are different visa options available for different purposes and different duration.
Indonesian visas are divided into the following types, based on the purpose and duration of your trip:

  • Tourist Visa (Embassy and On Arrival)
  • Multiple-entry Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Limited Stay Visa

1. Tourist Visa:
This type of visa is available if you want to enter Indonesia for tourism, pleasure, or visiting. A tourist visa does not allow you to work or conduct business.

Only if you are from one of the visa-required countries or want to stay for more than 30 days do you need to apply for an Indonesia tourist visa. Most individuals, however, do not need to apply for an Indonesian visa for tourism.

2. Multiple-entry visa:
People who might visit Indonesia for official government activities, business or commercial operations, or family trips will be granted an Indonesia Multiple-Entry Visa. This visa is valid for a period of six months, a year, or two years. To obtain this sort of visa, you must first get authorisation from Indonesia’s Directorate General of Immigration.

3. Business Visa:
The Business Visa for Indonesia is a multiple-entry visa that is valid for up to one year. A traveler can use it to enter Indonesia numerous times and remain for up to 60 days upon each entry. With a Business visa, you can attend meetings or training, conduct negotiations, and engage in other business-related activities, but you cannot work in Indonesia.

4. Limited Stay Visa:
Despite its name, the Limited Stay Visa for Indonesia is a form of “long-stay” visa. If you wish to work, learn, join a family member, or retire in Indonesia, you will require this form of visa.

Work Visa – If you have a job offer from an Indonesia-based company, then you must apply for this visa.

Student Visa – International students who wish to study in Indonesia must get an Indonesia Student Visa.

Family Visa – If you want to visit your family member living in Indonesia, apply for this visa.

Retirement Visa – Indonesia is a popular retirement destination for elderly people drawn by the unique culture, mild environment, and low cost of living. To be allowed to live in Indonesia as a retiree, you must apply for and be granted an Indonesian Retirement Visa.

When applying for an Indonesian visa, you must provide the required documentation to the Embassy/Consulate so that your application may be processed. The visa requirements vary based on the type of visa required, the method of application, and even the nation from where you are applying.

The documents required for an Indonesian visa application include:

– Passport
– Proof of Travel Arrangements
– Passport-size photos following the guidelines
– Indonesia Visa Application Form
– Invitation Letter to Indonesia
– Proof of Accommodation in Indonesia
– Proof of Sufficient Financial Means
– Indonesia Visa Fee Payment
– Cover Letter in case of business travelers