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Moving To France

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to France Easy for You. Start your move to France by getting a free moving quote.

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Move To France

Comprehensive Guide on Moving To France

Wondering how to move to France? Well, planning on how to relocate can be overwhelming, especially if you are not aware of the culture and lifestyle here. Fret not; we’ve got you covered. We are here to provide you with all the essential information such as paperwork, visa documents, cost of moving and many more. So sit back, relax and let us help you to relocate to France in a hassle-free manner.

Many people do Relocation in France each year to finish their post-secondary education or pursue their dream job. France has a lot to offer. Here you can get to live an adventurous life. On top of that, this region is a centre for historical and cultural importance. The best services for essential amenities, such as education and healthcare, are offered in France. As a result, it draws numerous immigrants from all over the world.

Benefits of Removals to France

  • Excellent Schooling and Education Facilities
  • Employment opportunities
  • Lifestyle
  • Affordable and sustainable living
  • Pleasant atmosphere
Relocation to France

How To Moving To France

ISS relocations will walk you through every process involved in moving to France. We will ensure that you are well aware of everything before emigrating to France. Before moving to France you need to check your eligibility and work permit requirements, locate a new home in France, and move your belongings from your current residence to France.

The first step involves an eligibility check. There are multiple ways of eligibility checks. Once you find out that you are eligible to move to France, now you need to gather all your documents and apply for a Visa. Once your visa is granted, you are ready to move to France.

So what are you waiting for? We have everything that you need to ensure your smooth relocation in France. To know more, feel free to contact us and we are happy to help you! We offer end to end moving services in France.

Moving To France | ISS Relocations
Move To France

Moving To France Visa's Requirements

To apply for a long-term visa, you need to contact the French embassy or consulate in your country prior to your arrival. You must describe your financial plan for supporting yourself while you stay in France. A good explanation for your visit must also be given. Following submission, you will need to wait for the consulate to approve your application. The verification process might take up to six months.

You will be given a window of three months to go to France following the granting of your visa. You must renew your visa every year if you want to stay in France for an extended period of time. You may need to wait for 3 to 10 years to be granted indefinite leave to remain. After one year of residency in France, you will be obligated to pay income taxes and abide by the regulations.

1. France Family Visa – If you are visiting your family, you must apply for a family visa.
2. France Work Visa – Obtaining this visa guarantees that you can stay in France for more than three months owing to work-related reasons.
3. France Study Visa – Anyone who wishes to pursue higher studies in France will be granted this visa.
4. France WorkHoliday Visa – This is granted to individuals who wish to participate in the France Holiday Program. This allows them to earn as well as learn more about French culture and history.

1. Complete Application Form
The forms for a longer stay and a shorter stay are different. So make sure that you fill out the right one. Be sure to fill in the correct and relevant information to get your visa without any hassle. Forms with irrelevant or false information will be straight-up rejected. So pay attention while filling out your application form.

2. Photographs
You need to submit your recent photographs for identification. Make sure that you submit a clear and high-quality photo to avoid any inconveniences in future.

3. A Valid Passport
You need to submit a valid passport to obtain a visa. Your passport must have been issued within the last ten years. It should still be valid for at least three more months after the time you plan to spend in France. The passport must also contain at least two vacant pages for the visa stamp or sticker.

4. Travel Itenary
It should contain all the information regarding your travels in France as well as how you will get there. You must provide documentation for a planned, booked trip.

5. Insurance
For the entire Schengen Region, including France, you require insurance coverage of at least €30,000. The application form must be accompanied by a confirmation of the insurance letter.

6. Cover letter
You must submit a cover letter mentioning the details of your visit. It should include your purpose for visiting, details about financial aid during the stay and the tenure of your stay in France.

7. Financial statements and proofs
While you are visiting France, the French government requires that you have at least €120 in your account each day. You will need to provide bank statements going back roughly six months, paperwork showing rental property income, retirement benefit plans, and any other supporting documentation to demonstrate your financial standing and ability to sustain yourself throughout your stay.

8. Accommodation Proof
You need to provide proper documentation that reflects where you will stay while you are in France. This covers hotel reservations, lease agreements, invitation letters from educational institutions and title certificates for French property owners. In case you are visiting your family, you need to procure a letter of invitation from them.

9. Certificate of Criminal Record
Before permitting your relocation to France, the French government ensures that you do not have any past criminal record. Thus you must possess relevant documents supporting that.

10. Proof of Civil status
You need to submit any document that includes information about your civil status. You can submit your birth certificate, marriage certificate or any other relevant document consisting of information about your civil status.

This might seem like a tedious task. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. You can consult us to assist you with the documentation procedure.

Type of VisaFees (in Euro)
Student visa50
Long stay visa99
Short stay visa for children35

You might also need to pay service charges. It varies according to the country. However, it should not exceed €30 per application. A biometric cost is additionally charged as part of the visa application process.

– Foreigners availing of Youth Mobility via the French-Canada Agreement
– Holders of French government study grants
– Related to a citizen of another Schengen Country
– Teaching assistants or Language assistants teaching French
– Travelling on a student visa
– Married to a French citizen
– Researchers accompanying study groups

To begin with, you need to fill out the application for a France Visa. In the following step, you need to submit all the relevant documents. A detailed list of these documents is given above. You also need to submit relevant documents that give details about your reason for relocation to France. Make sure that the information and documents that you have submitted are true to your best knowledge.

After submission of your application form, you need to pay the fees as per the requirements, details of which are given in the table mentioned above. Once you have submitted your documents and made the necessary payments, you need to schedule an interview at your nearest French embassy. The appointment can be made either online or by visiting the embassy.

You will be further notified on approval of your application form. This might take up to 6 months. In case your application is rejected, you can appeal for re-evaluation. However, this needs to be done within 2 months of refusal, or you might have to start from the beginning.

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Move To France

Cost Of Moving To France

Apart from travelling and accommodation expenses, there are some other charges involved in moving to France that you need to know about. Prior to your travel, you need to undergo many procedures, and they might cost you some expenses. These expenses include fees for language tests, biometric tests and medical examinations.

You also need to pay the application fees to get a visa. These fees may vary depending upon your tenure of stay, type of visa and several other factors. Some additional expenses also include Right of permanent residency fees and miscellaneous settlement fees.

Move To France

Housing In France

In France, renting a home or apartment is considerably more common than buying one, particularly among foreigners. Almost 40 per cent of people in France prefer to rent a property. Since you already need to invest a lot of capital while moving to France, many foreigners prefer to rent a place. This gives them a brief idea about the locality and the amenities before actually investing in buying a house. Also, it offers many fully furnished housing for the tenants. This is a more sustainable and convenient method since it also saves you from the hassle of buying and other hefty paperwork.

Housing Type Average Price in Euros
Renting a studio apartment €560 – €3,813 per month
Renting a 1 Bedroom apartment (outside the city) €525 – €665 per month
Renting a 1 Bedroom apartment (in the city) €850 – €1150 per month
Renting a 3 Bedroom apartment (outside the city) €965 – €1300 per month
Renting a 3 Bedroom apartment (in the city) €1750 – €2600 per month
Buying a house €160,000
Moving To France

HealthCare System In France

The healthcare system in France falls into two categories: Public healthcare system and the private healthcare system. Let’s have a brief overview of these healthcare systems.

A. Public Healthcare system in France
Every resident in France is covered by some insurance by the Public healthcare system. These costs are governed by the legislation and may vary as per your personal income. If you need medical care, the French social security system will pay 70% of the cost. If you have ongoing medical issues, the state may even reimburse 100% of your costs.

B. Private Healthcare system in France
The private healthcare system covers the remaining 30% of the cost that is not covered by the public healthcare system. You can choose an insurance plan based on your needs.
It is a must to obtain health insurance, whether you are a French national or an expat. Based on your financial situation, you can use various insurance facilities. However, if you are unemployed or a freelancer, you are ineligible for public insurance. Even so, it’s always possible to get private health insurance that will cover all of your requirements.

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Moving To France

Taxation In France

You must pay taxes to the French government once your one-year stay in France is over. These taxes include taxes based on annual personal income, corporate or business income, inheritance, property and wealth taxes.

Move To France

Education In France

The educational system in France is highly centralised. There are three levels of education: primary, secondary, and higher. France is renowned across the world for giving its students the finest education possible.

Instead of prioritising grades, they place emphasis on studying for knowledge’s sake. They make sure that their students have holistic growth in addition to academic excellence. By keeping a balance between academics and extracurricular activities, overall growth is ensured.

Relocation To France

Work Market In France

Due to its abundance of employment prospects, France draws a large number of people from around the world. Nevertheless, despite the abundance of employment options, many people lack the necessary qualifications.

Health and social care, wholesale and retail trade, and manufacturing are the sectors now driving the labour market. Construction is predicted to have the most need for employment, followed by the lodging and food industry and professional services.

Move To France

Best Cities To Living While Moving To France

Paris: Paris, the capital of France, is the romantic capital of Europe. It is the ultimate dream of many. With its verdant cobblestone streets, the French capital of Paris is sometimes referred to as the “City of Lights”. Though it might be slightly expensive to live in Paris, it is worth the experience.

Toulouse: If you are planning to move to the south of France, then this is the best city for you. People residing in France have voted this city as the most desirable place to stay. With approximately 350,000 residents representing a wide spectrum of ethnicities and countries, the city ranks fourth in terms of population in France.

Lille: This city is well-known for its historical background. This city is also famous for its renowned museums, shopping centres, and its bustling nightlife. The lifestyle here draws its inspiration from French culture.

Bordeaux: Bordeaux has a thriving cultural scene, world-class museums, expensive shops, hip restaurants, a laid-back atmosphere, and nice weather. It is known for being a family-friendly city.

Moving To France


Yes, it is very safe. It has a low crime rate. It is regarded as a safe and welcoming country by many people around the world. Additionally, the local nightlife is excellent. Both day and night are secure in France. Thus, it is a safe country. It goes without saying that you must use caution to guarantee your safety, regardless of the nation.

The locals in France are very welcoming towards foreigners. They are keen to help and assist you in case of any emergency. Staying in France will give you a home-like feeling. The people here are friendly.

Here at ISS, we can assist you with moving your personal belongings. We will help you plan your relocation to France. We also realise the importance of some priceless possessions. Thus we go out of our way to assist you in moving your belongings safely and without mishap. We will also help you with warehousing in France.

At ISS Relocations, we make sure to offer top-notch services for a very fair price. With the help of our professionals, we guarantee to make the moving process easier. We cover everything, from keeping track of your costs to helping you with your removals to France. Furthermore, we aim to provide you with cost-effective solutions.

Applying for a visa is a very easy undertaking if you are properly informed about the application process. To ensure that your visa is issued without any problems, it is advisable that you seek professional assistance.

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