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Move To Latvia

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to Latvia Easy for You. Start your move to Latvia by getting a free moving quote.

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to Latvia Easy for You. Start your move to Latvia by getting a free moving quote.

Relocation In Latvia

Comprehensive Guide on Move To Latvia

Latvia is a country in Europe and is well-known for the diverse features of beaches and forests it offers. Its capital is Riga, and the country hosts a population of about 1.9 million. Latvian is the official language spoken, and the land is well known for its unique wooden architecture, museums, and churches.

Relocating to a new country has its own benefits. The process can be daunting, but the fresh start it offers and the amenities in the new country compensate for the leap of faith. Latvia is a great country that provides a comfortable lifestyle. Read on to learn why the relocation to Latvia from UAE is a good decision.

Benefits of Moving to Latvia from Qatar

  • Lower cost-of-living
  • Comfortable climate
  • Picturesque landscape
  • Higher education opportunities
  • Favorable tax policies
  • Educational opportunities
  • Excellent architecture
  • Welcoming communities

The reasons listed above are why move to Latvia is very advantageous to many families. ISS offers excellent moving services for your goods to allow you to focus on other aspects of movement rather than the safety of your goods, which we guarantee with our professional handling.

Moving To Latvia

How To Move To Latvia

There are multiple factors that an individual must acknowledge and effectively find solutions to complete a move to Latvia from Bahrain. The primary need is to sort out and segregate the visa application process without which entry into any foreign country would be impossible.

Collaborate with the local Latvia embassy to know more about the visa application process and the documents required to complete the procedure successfully. Additional considerations in the form of housing needs, taxes, job market, and education, along with learning a foreign language must also be addressed.

Move To Latvia | ISS Relocations
Moving To Latvia

Move To Latvia Visa's Requirements

The most important requirement while relocating to Latvia is a long-term visa. Here are the details:

The long-stay Type-D permit:
If you plan to stay for more than 90 days in the country, you should apply for a D-type visa with adequate proof of residence in the country, policy clearance forms, are other concerning documents. The permit costs about 60 Euros.

The main list of documents necessary while applying for the visa is as follows:
– The filled application form
– Your passport
– Proof of residence in Latvia which should be acquired in advance
– Travel tickets and insurance during the stay
– Policy clearance forms

You can acquire a permit for permanent residence after you have lived in the country for five years using the long-stay permit. You can renew this permit after ten years and then apply for citizenship in Latvia eventually.

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Moving To Latvia

Cost Of Move To Latvia

The cost of moving is mainly influenced by the air tickets and other transportation costs for your family as well as the moving charges for your belongings. Your current location greatly influences the costs you will incur. A general budget may vary between €2000 to €8000 depending on the size of your family and the amenities you require.

ISS offers excellent relocation services for all your needs. We offer affordable packages with assured safety to help you plan your moving budget cleverly. Our professionals have served thousands of customers and will provide you with a good experience when you hire our services.

Move To Latvia

Housing In Latvia

The housing prices vary depending on the location of the property and the area in the country. The design and furnishing also plays big role in deciding the prices. The size of your family influences the rent you pay. The country offers many affordable housing options making it favorable for relocation to Latvia from Saudi Arabia.
The main housing types and their prices in the country are tabulated below:

Housing type Prices (in Euros)
Renting a 1-bedroom apartment 250 – 400
Renting a 2-bedroom apartment 350 – 550
Renting a 3-bedroom apartment 450 – 700
Purchasing an apartment 1,200 – 1,900 per square meter
Purchasing a house 20,000 – 50,000~
Moving To Latvia

HealthCare System In Latvia

The Latvian National Health System is responsible for healthcare in Latvia. It covers the needs of the entire population and accounts for about 7 percent of Latvia’s GDP. The benefits, however, are effective only in the form of co-payments with the help of personal health insurance.

Many medical hospitals and institutions are available in the country. The easy availability of medical services make the relocation to Latvia from Qatar very beneficial in comparison to other places.

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Move To Latvia

Taxation In Latvia

The tax rates for personal income are set based on the class of income you fall into. A rate of 20% is laid on income up to 20,004 Euros. The rate increases to 23% when the income is between 20,004 and 78,100 Euros. A rate of 31% is levied on all incomes above 78,100 Euros.

A 20% rate is applicable to all corporate income sources in companies. This rate is better than in many other countries, and hence the country facilitates new companies and their operations. Many job opportunities arise out of these companies, which are very helpful for relocating families.

Moving To Latvia

Education In Latvia

Primary education of 9 years is compulsory in Latvia. An additional three years of secondary education is available. The amenities are available for free and provided by the government. Higher education opportunities are available with the presence of many universities with graduate and post-graduate programs.

The country has a high literacy rate. This number exceeds most countries and is proof of the emphasis placed on education by the government. The University of Latvia and the Riga Technical University are some of the most popular universities in the country, which are sought after by students around the world.

Move To Latvia

Work Market In Latvia

The work market in Latvia is dominated by the opportunities arising due to the increasing number of business openings. Managerial roles, product research, development, and design are some popular job opportunities that are open to people from diverse skill-set areas.

The employment rate in the country has increased to about 65 percent, which is better than most countries in the world. The job opportunities pay well, and with a lower cost of living, you notice a shift in your lifestyle. Depending on your skill set, you can find ample roles in the domain of your choice in the job market.

Relocation To Latvia

Best Cities To Living In Latvia

The best cities in Latvia to move to are listed below:

1. Riga: Riga is the capital of the country and is located at the mouth of the river Daugava. The city has a population of about 0.6 million and covers an area of 307 square kilometers. Riga is primarily known for its incredible wooden architecture and excellent food. Popular educational institutions are built in this city, allowing lots of opportunities.

2. Jurmala: Jurmala is a state city in Latvia popularly known for its architecture and museums. The city is dubbed as the resort city due to its excellent climate, wonderful beach, and picturesque locations. It has an area of 101 square kilometers and a population of 50 thousand. It is best suited to families who like beaches and prefer a calm lifestyle.

3. Cesis : Cesis is a town in north-east Latvia which is popularly known for its castle. The churches and various architecture make the place rich in heritage. Breweries and wall paintings are other significant attractions of the town. The town has an area of 19.2 square kilometers and a population of 15 thousand, making it a perfect place for families preferring a quiet lifestyle in a picturesque location.

Latvia is a beautiful country in Europe that is suitable to move to for families of all sizes. It has good infrastructure, diverse natural elements, and accessible public amenities. Excellent workplace and educational opportunities help make the country one of the best in the world to settle in.

Moving Service in Latvia


Yes. Latvia offers incredible public services and fantastic scenery, which make it a great destination to settle in. Latvia has a low cost of living along with ample job opportunities. It has excellent medical and educational institutions and welcoming communities for you to settle in without any hassle.
The most popular cities in Latvia which are favorable for you to move to are Riga, Jurmala, and Cesis. These cities offer wonderful benefits along with a good climate. The industrial development, job opportunities, and educational amenities make these cities favorable to move to.
ISS completely handles the moving services of all your belongings. We offer professional luggage and storage services, so you won’t have to worry about your precious belongings as they get transported safely to your new home. We don’t compromise on the quality of services to help provide maximum protection.
ISS has your best interests in mind when we offer you our services. Our history of happy customers is proof of the safety and quality we provide. Our team is always available to resolve your queries. We figure out the best method of transport to conduct the relocation of your assets efficiently and diligently.
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