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Move To Norway

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to Norway Easy for You. Start your move to Norway by getting a free moving quote.

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to Norway Easy for You. Start your move to Norway by getting a free moving quote.

Moving To Norway

Comprehensive Guide on Move To Norway

Nestled between the beautiful Norwegian Sea and Sweden, Norway is invariably one of the fascinating Scandinavian countries you can emigrate to. Apart from its vast natural resources, the country has beautiful scenery and cities like Oslo. So, if you are one of those planning to emigrate to Norway, in that case you should be aware of all the practicalities of emigrating to this attractive destination, such as obtaining a visa, the cost of housing, etc. This article will thoroughly explore this Nordic country renowned for its uniquely stunning topography, such as waterfalls, high mountains, lakes, etc.

Furthermore, it will give you an insight into what it is really like to live and work in a country that provides fantastic opportunities for personal and professional growth.

ISS is a company that specializes in moving services from one nation to another. We believe in providing the most excellent services to our customers and have been delivering them for quite a while now. However, transporting your essentials to a faraway country like Norway can be overwhelming. We are here to make your move effortless and secure. Therefore, if you would like to know more about ISS and the quality services we offer, feel free to get in touch with our team. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Benefits of moving to Norway:

– Premium Quality Housing
– Picturesque landscape
– Impeccable Healthcare system
– Employee-friendly working hours
– Low crime rates
– Host of Outdoor activities

Norway is one of the most beautiful countries that offers a lifestyle like no other with its ideal environment. People are actively engaged in walking, cycling, hiking, fishing, and camping activities. So, let us delve deep into some of the benefits of moving to this country, where everything and everyone is a delight to watch.

Relocation To Norway

How To Move To Norway

If you have all your visa requirements in order along with the documentation required to effectively apply for visa, then you are one step closer to moving to Norway. This factor should be on top of your priority list if you wish to successfully move into Norway. More details about visa requirements along with additional factors in the form of housing needs, taxes, education, and healthcare have been identified below.

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Move To Norway | ISS Relocations
Moving To Norway

Move To Norway Visa's Requirements

Norway, also called the Land of the Midnight Sun, attracts a legion of visitors worldwide. Norwegian tourism is also booming. Thanks to the rugged mountains, spectacular fjords, and seamless coastline. Additionally, the country is home to a gamut of businesses. Although the Norwegian Kingdom does not host many universities or colleges, the prevalent education system is good enough to draw worldwide students.

Moving on, let us deeply understand the visa types in Norway and explore further all the visa criteria that can land you there.

Primarily, the Norwegian visa has three types. One thing to be noted is that the kind of visa you require may depend on the purpose of your visit. So, if you are an American moving to Norway, check out these requirements and prepare your documents for a seamless journey.

1. Schengen Visa (Type C)
The Schengen Visa permits a traveler to stay for up to 90 days in Norway, spread across a duration of six months. This visa provides you with a golden opportunity to travel to all places under the ambit of the Schengen region. There are numerous countries you will be able to visit with a Schengen visa. Some are Latvia, Finland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Spain, Germany, and Iceland. As you can see, all the countries listed here have something unique to offer each tourist. What further makes this visa special will land us at the crucial point that a traveler with a Schengen visa can enter or exit any Schengen region without any obstacle. This visa can be issued for multiple reasons, such as tourism, business, sports, or medically-related visits.

2. Transit visas (Type A)
Transit visas are usually taken by travelers visiting for a short duration. This visa could only be obtained for a short trip, say, one that lasts only a couple of days. If you wish to see the country and return, a transit visa will serve the purpose. In addition, transit visas will allow them to enter a country while they are anticipating the arrival of connecting transportation, say a flight, a train, or even a ship, for that matter.

3. National Visa (Type D)
This visa primarily allows you to stay for a longer duration when compared to transit visas, which allow barely a couple of days. The National Visa is ideal for anyone looking to stay in Norway for over 90 days and less than 180 days. Visa D can be issued to multiple groups. For instance, a researcher looking to survey the country, a volunteer or student planning to study abroad or gain exposure, or a seasonal or short-term worker wanting to do a job for a living can apply for Visa D and move to Norway. Another stark feature of the national visa is that it can be issued to an individual or a group, depending on the nature of the visit.

Type of Visa Average Cost (USD)
Standard Schengen Visa $84
Transit Visa $80
Visitor Visa $85

Now that you know the types of visas you should be familiar with for a Norway relocation, let us briefly touch upon the visa requirements to enter the city of lakes, fjords, and seas.
The following documents have to be submitted at the time of the visa application or when moving from Norway:

– Passport (not older than 10 years)
– Photos with passport-size dimensions
– Additional documents to verify your identity
– Visa fees depend upon the type of visa issued
– Birth certificate
– Financial documents showing your bank balance and other account information
– Proof of Education (University or College)
– Medical insurance proof
– Accommodation details, including the name of the place that you will be staying in Norway,

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Relocation To Norway

Cost Of Move To Norway

Let us consider that you are a typical American relocating to Norway because you have heard many benefits of staying in this country positioned at a good rank on the happiness index. So, let us understand the cost of moving to Norway from Saudi Arabia.

A trip to Norway can be a dream for many. But, when it comes to breaking down the expenses, here is what you should know: For a husband and wife, just a trip to Norway can cost around 1,500 USD or more. For permanently relocating to Norway, you can expect the monthly expenditure to be anywhere between 2000 USD and 4000 USD. Further, we want you to understand that accommodation prices can go higher if you plan to live in one of the top ten cities in Norway.

Move To Norway

Housing In Norway

Norway is a scintillating country that is full of bright destinations. So, housing in such an enchanting nation cannot be purse-friendly. The bare minimum housing price for shared renting in Norway is 450~ USD. However, if you are looking for a more extensive construction with a mesmerizing view, it will further rise up to a whopping 5000 USD.
City Average rent (USD)
Oslo $1,230
Bergen $970
Stavanger $885
Trondheim $990
Moving To Norway

HealthCare System In Norway

The Norwegian healthcare system is one of the most sought-after health systems in the world. Here, both the public hospitals and the privately owned clinics offer premium services. The public health system is closely monitored by the Ministry of Health. Although the services offered here are not absolutely free, they are free for a particular age group, i.e., 16 years of age and younger. Services are also free for pregnant women.

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Move To Norway

Taxation In Norway

Everyone who is a part of the economy of Norway, be it an employee or a restaurant manager, must have a tax deduction card. For the longest time, it has been mandatory for the workforce to possess one under the general tax regime. So, if you are a foreigner making a living in Norway, you are still a part of the PAYE (pay as you earn) scheme in Norway and must pay the respective tax after one year of work.
Moving To Norway

Education In Norway

Education is made compulsory in Norway from the age group of six to sixteen. Daycare and preschool education are optional, although it charges a certain amount from parents for educating their toddlers at a young age. When it comes to universities and higher educational institutions, Norway has some of the best institutions in the world to nurture innovative minds. It believes in the core concept of education for all, thus welcoming international students from every corner of the world. Some of their elite institutions are the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), the University of Oslo, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, etc.
Move To Norway

Work Market In Norway

As of January 2022, the workforce in Norway comprises around 4,61,000 people. What is perhaps worthy of being noted for job seekers outside the country is to understand the exact skill required for the job. Here, companies consider a lot of factors before hiring. So, it is imperative to have the right set of skills before applying in the Norwegian sector.
Relocation In Norway

Best Cities To Living In Norway

If you are planning to move to Norway as an American, be sure to keep these cities on your bucket list. At ISS, we believe in giving our customers a seamless experience in moving their belongings from one country to another. So, if you need any assistance, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are more than glad to help you move your goods. Listed below are some of the names of cities for a seamless relocation to Norway from UAE.

– Oslo
– Bergen
– Tonsberg
– Trondheim
– Kristiansand
– Ålesund

The safety of our client goods is our top priority. We always ensure that our clients get the best of services. ISS services are available across a legion of countries. We have our top offices in Oman, Saudi Arabia, and many other parts of the world. Contact us to know more about what we can offer you as a relocation company in Norway.

Move To Norway


Norway is indeed one of the safest countries in the world. However, being safe does not mean that you should not care less about your belongings. Beware of pickpockets in leisure places such as tourist spots.

Krone/NOK is the popular Norwegian currency. 1 NOK is equivalent to 0.098~ USD.

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