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Moving to Portugal – A Comprehensive Moving Service Guide

Moving to Portugal, with its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, has become a top destination for those looking to relocate. Whether you’re drawn by the picturesque coastlines, friendly locals, or favorable climates, moving to Portugal promises a rewarding experience.

The process of relocating to Portugal, however, can be complex and challenging. That’s where ISS Relocations comes in, offering expert guidance and comprehensive services to ensure a smooth transition. This guide will cover everything you need to know about moving services to Portugal, from freight methods to customs regulations, making your move as seamless as possible.

Planning Your Moving to Portugal

Moving to a new country requires meticulous planning and organization. Start by researching your destination thoroughly. Look into different neighborhoods to find one that suits your lifestyle and budget. Understand the cost of living in Portugal, which can vary significantly depending on the region. Make a checklist of essential tasks such as securing housing, arranging for utilities, and understanding the local transportation system.

Early planning also involves gathering necessary documents, such as visas and work permits. Ensure that your passport is up to date and that you have copies of important documents. Consider visiting Portugal beforehand to get a feel for the place and to finalize arrangements. Partnering with ISS Relocations can simplify this process, as they provide detailed checklists and personalized planning services to help you stay organized and prepared for your move.

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Freight Methods for Moving Belongings

When it comes to moving your belongings to Portugal, choosing the right freight method is crucial. The three primary options are air freight, sea freight, and land freight, each with its own advantages and considerations.

-> Air Freight: This is the fastest method, ideal for those who need their belongings quickly. However, it is also the most expensive option. Air freight is best suited for smaller shipments or items that are needed urgently.
-> Sea Freight: A cost-effective option for larger shipments, sea freight takes longer than air freight but is much more affordable. It is the preferred choice for those moving an entire household. Containers can be shared to reduce costs, and ISS Relocations can help you choose the best shipping plan.
-> Land Freight: If you’re moving from a nearby European country, land freight might be a viable option. It offers a balance between speed and cost, though it may not be as practical for long-distance moves.

Customs and Regulations

Navigating customs regulations is a critical aspect of moving to Portugal. Understanding what is required can help avoid delays and additional costs.

-> Customs Duties and Taxes: When moving personal belongings to Portugal, some items may be subject to customs duties and taxes. Generally, used household items can be imported duty-free if they have been owned and used for at least six months prior to the move. However, new items, alcohol, tobacco, and certain electronics might incur duties.
-> Documentation: Proper documentation is essential for a smooth customs process. This includes an inventory list of all items being moved, proof of residency in Portugal, and receipts for high-value items. It’s also important to have your passport, visa, and work permit readily available.
-> Prohibited and Restricted Items: Be aware of items that are prohibited or restricted by Portuguese customs. This includes certain foods, plants, and weapons. Check with customs authorities or ISS Relocations for a comprehensive list of restricted items.
-> Customs Clearance: The process of clearing customs can be complex and time-consuming. ISS Relocations offers expert assistance in navigating these procedures, ensuring that all documentation is correctly prepared and submitted. Their experience helps in avoiding common pitfalls and ensuring a hassle-free experience.

By leveraging the expertise of ISS Relocations, you can ensure that your move to Portugal is compliant with all customs regulations, minimizing the risk of delays and unexpected costs.

Understanding Healthcare in Portugal

Portugal boasts a high-quality healthcare system that combines both public and private services. Understanding how to access and utilize these services is essential for a smooth transition.

-> Public Healthcare System: Portugal’s public healthcare system, known as the Serviço Nacional de Saúde (SNS), provides comprehensive medical services to residents. It includes hospital care, general practice, and specialist consultations. While healthcare is heavily subsidized, it is not entirely free. Residents pay a small fee for certain services and treatments. These fees are generally low compared to many other countries.
-> Eligibility: To access the public healthcare system, you need to be a legal resident of Portugal. This requires registering at your local health center and obtaining a user number (Número de Utente). Once registered, you can access a wide range of healthcare services.
-> Private Healthcare: Many expatriates and residents opt for private healthcare to avoid waiting times and gain access to a broader range of specialists. Private health insurance is widely available and can cover the costs of private consultations and treatments.
-> Health Insurance: While the public system is efficient, having private health insurance can offer additional peace of mind. ISS Relocations can assist in finding suitable health insurance plans that cover both public and private healthcare services, ensuring comprehensive coverage for you and your family.

With the support of ISS Relocations, navigating the healthcare system in Portugal becomes much easier, ensuring you and your family have access to the medical care you need.

Settling into Life in Portugal

Moving to a new country involves more than just transporting your belongings; it’s about adapting to a new culture and environment. Here are some tips for settling into life in Portugal:

-> Cultural Adaptation: Embrace the local customs and traditions. Learning some basic Portuguese phrases can go a long way in helping you integrate and connect with the locals.
-> Finding Community: Engage with expat communities and local groups. There are numerous online forums and local meetups where you can find support and make new friends.
-> Daily Life Essentials: Understand the essentials of daily life in Portugal, such as grocery shopping, banking, and transportation. Familiarize yourself with local markets, public transport options, and how to set up utility services.
-> Education and Employment: If you have children, research local schools and education options. For employment, understanding the local job market and networking can be beneficial. ISS Relocations offers comprehensive assistance in these areas, ensuring your family settles in comfortably.

By leveraging the resources and expertise of ISS Relocations, you can smoothly transition into your new life in Portugal, ensuring all aspects of your relocation are covered.


How do I move my belongings to Portugal?

Moving your belongings can be done via air, sea, or land freight. ISS Relocations helps you choose the best method based on your needs and budget.

How do I send packages to Portugal?

You can use international courier services, postal services, or freight services for larger shipments. ISS Relocations provides expert package delivery services.

Do I have to pay customs if I move to Portugal?

Some items may be subject to customs duties and taxes. ISS Relocations assists in navigating customs regulations and preparing necessary documentation.

Is healthcare in Portugal free?

While public healthcare is subsidized, it is not entirely free. Residents pay a small fee for certain services. ISS Relocations helps with accessing and understanding the healthcare system.

Does the US allow dual citizenship with Portugal?

Yes, the US allows dual citizenship. You can hold citizenship in both the US and Portugal, with assistance from ISS Relocations on the legal process.

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