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An announcement has been made regarding the winner of the IATA and AWS Diversity & Inclusion Datathon

Geneva – AWS and IATA announced that SMBC Aviation Capital was the winner of the first Diversity & Inclusion Datathon.

We have a winner.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores for CEOs and gender balance on airline senior management teams were positively correlated, according to the SMBC Aviation Capital solution. 

This proof-of-concept exercise involved analyzing airline performance across 12 countries using a data-driven model. A gender-balanced leadership team improved ESG scores in the model.

The winning team also developed a sector-specific Aviation Gender Equality Index to track policy development and representation in the aviation value chain for promoting gender equality.

The DEI initiative drives business results. A gender-balanced management team has a positive impact on a company’s ESG performance, according to SMBC Aviation Capital’s solution. In an era when ESG metrics play a growing role in investment decisions, we look forward to seeing airlines implementing this solution,” said Jane Hoskisson, IATA’s Director of Talent, Learning, Engagement and Diversity.

“The datathon provided a great opportunity for participants to explore solutions to strengthening gender diversity in aviation. Data and the value it brings can be transformational, and AWS was proud to be a part of this initiative. Congratulations to not only SMBC Aviation Capital, but to all participants,” said Charlie Anderson, AWS World Wide Public Sector.

” Our team was delighted to be able to participate in the datathon and present thoughtful and practical solutions to the challenges we face together. This shows our commitment to IATA’s 25by2025 initiative. As SMBC Aviation Capital continues to pursue its ESG and gender diversity goals, we look forward to supporting industry-wide initiatives that will foster innovation and dialogue to create a more inclusive, diverse, and sustainable aviation industry,” said David Swan, Chief Operations & Sustainability Officer at SMBC Aviation Capital.

It’s the Datathon Challenge 

During the 2023 Diversity & Inclusion Datathon, participants were asked to address one of the following challenges:

– In what ways can data and/or new technologies be used to demonstrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’s impact on a CEO? Watch this video to learn more.

– In what ways can airlines promote gender parity on the flight deck and in other technical roles using data and/or new technologies? This video explains more.

Panel of Judges

An expert panel from IATA and AWS evaluated submissions for the Diversity & Inclusion Datathon. Originality, applicability to the aviation industry, and value-add to further enhance gender diversity in the industry were key considerations.

Datathon Overview

Professionals in the airline industry were invited to participate in the IATA and AWS Diversity & Inclusion Datathon. It included airlines, airports, software vendors, start-ups, systems integrators, and other aviation organizations. AWS provided all participants with access to a proof of concept environment where they were able to build their projects.

Additionally, all teams were given the opportunity to attend technical and business training sessions. IATA and its member airlines hosted these sessions with AWS architects and industry specialists.

In addition to complementing the existing IATA Diversity and Inclusion Awards, the IATA and AWS Diversity & Inclusion Datathon builds on the success of the 25by2025 initiative. This award recognizes individuals, organizations, and initiatives that have made significant contributions to the advancement and promotion of diversity and inclusion within the aviation industry. 

The Datathon was attended by nine teams. IATA, Travelport, NA Group, The Halldade Group, SAA Technical, and Webmanuals participated in these teams.

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