IATA to Assist AZANS to Develop a National Airspace Strategy for Azerbaijan - ISS Relocations

AZANS will be assisted by IATA in developing its national airspace strategy for Azerbaijan

AZANS, the Azerbaijani air navigation service provider, has agreed to work with IATA to develop and implement the Azerbaijan National Airspace Strategy (NAS).

As part of this initiative, AZANS and IATA will strengthen their existing cooperation to provide benefits to travellers. This will also support national economic growth, the competitiveness of the aviation sector in Azerbaijan, and the global sustainability of air transport.

Over the next two decades, passenger demand for air travel in Azerbaijan is expected to increase by some 80%. In addition, air traffic movements are expected to grow rapidly. In particular, Azerbaijan has seen a growth in traffic that no longer uses Russian airspace. In order to meet these demands, Azerbaijan must continue to modernize its airspace and Air Traffic Management (ATM) network, while ensuring safety, managing costs, and reducing CO2 emissions.

Leadership and collaboration among stakeholders, airspace management, and technical modernization of ATM systems are the main aspects of the strategy. In order to deliver and implement the NAS, AZANS and IATA have committed to working together and with all stakeholders in aviation, including the government and regulatory authorities.

The recovery of air traffic around the globe is encouraging – and Azerbaijan has seen particular growth in traffic. We exceeded pre-COVID levels last year. Our biggest challenge is the significant growth forecast in the future. Azeraeronavigation is preparing to meet this demand effectively, fulfill international requirements, and develop a strong and sustainable aviation industry of the future with full stakeholder participation. Farhan Guliyev, Director “Azeraeronavigation” Air Traffic Department AZANS is pleased to have the professional support of IATA in reaching this challenging and critical goal.

“In the coming years, Azerbaijan, which occupies a key geographical position, will be expected to handle greater volumes of traffic, and it will play an important role in improving the efficiency of transcontinental traffic. The aviation industry is committed to achieving net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050, and airspace efficiency can play a significant role in achieving that. Building a National Airspace Strategy demonstrates Azerbaijan’s commitment to taking on a strategic leadership role. As IATA’s Regional Vice President for Europe, Rafael Schvartzman congratulated AZANS for its vision and looked forward to working with them to make airspace modernization a success.

According to the National Airspace Strategy for Azerbaijan:
• As part of the country’s transport infrastructure, provide a State-level mandate for long-term investments in the airspace system
• Organize industry investments in airspace in a way that accelerates roll-out and maximizes benefits for airlines and passengers
• Provide stakeholders with information about the modernization of airspace and how they can be involved
• Implement a strong governance structure that allows the State, Industry, and Regulator to track and drive the NAS rollout at the local level

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