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Enhancing Mobility Industry Sustainability, Inclusivity, and Responsibility

The Worldwide ERC® is extremely proud of the work our members do to make the mobility industry more sustainable and equitable.

Worldwide ERC® believes that we all have a responsibility to practice effective global citizenship. We are incredibly proud of the work our members are doing to build a more sustainable and equitable mobility industry. This includes promoting more environmentally conscious business practices to expand opportunities for underserved communities and elevating the voices of relocation professionals worldwide. As a result of these efforts, we have established new partnerships, gained access to new talent, and created a more inclusive environment.

Sustainability in the Environment: Making Progress
To promote more responsible business practices in the mobility community, we recently hosted two webinars focused on sustainability issues. In these webinars, we also discussed the progress of our ongoing global partnerships through the Coalition for Greener Mobility.
The roughly 300 participants were highly engaged with these topics, and I was encouraged to see a strong outpouring of support from our members for the coalition’s goals.
In spite of our progress, we continue to work toward completing our initial goal of compiling coalition resources. We also encourage others in the mobility community to share their sustainability stories. As part of our sustainability roadmap, we will form working groups to develop definitions and metrics.

Increasing diversity and inclusion
Moreover, the Worldwide ERC has redoubled its efforts to create a more inclusive environment for workforce mobility. As we continue to advance diversity in our industry, We are eager to welcome a new cohort of Upward Mobility interns this summer. This will provide opportunities for historically underserved communities as well as tapping into new talent pools to build tomorrow’s mobility workforce.

We are especially grateful for all the work Worldwide ERC Board member Kelly West is doing through The Mobility Collective to celebrate our industry’s diversity. In honour of Black History Month, check out their newly-minted video series, Mobility Talk, which highlights the contributions of Black leaders in our industry.

We are also proud to co-host an International Women’s Day celebration with the Corporate Housing Providers Association on 8 March. This event is now open for registration. Our #EmbraceEquity global theme this year will allow us to explore the relocation industry’s efforts to promote enhanced gender equity throughout the world.

Providing the Best Governance – Tune in on 2 March

We are so proud of the volunteer leaders who continue to inspire the Worldwide ERC team to stay focused on making our industry more sustainable, inclusive, and responsible. On March 2, We will meet with Worldwide ERC Board Chair Anupam Singhal at 11 a.m. in order to discuss how mobility will evolve in 2023. We will discuss our strategic vision in person next week in Washington, D.C. Be sure not to miss this industry-wide event. Register now for this webinar if you haven’t already.

Dedicated to advancing better environmental, social, and governance practices every day, thank you for all you do. We are making a difference together, as one industry.

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