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FIDI joins forces with five global mobility associations to lead the industry towards a sustainable future

FIDI collaborates with five major mobility organizations to promote a sustainable future for the mobility industry.
FIDI has joined five other prominent employee mobility associations to ensure that the industry is contributing its part to environmental sustainability. As part of the launch, this group of companies signed a joint agreement that gives the Global Mobility industry a plan and everyday actions for achieving greater environmental sustainability. The CEDC, the Canadian Employee Relocation Council, the CHPA (Corporate Housing Professionals Association), the EuRA (European Real Estate Federation), the FIDI Global Alliance, the IAM (International Association of Movers), and WERC are all involved.

“We are seeing many actions & initiatives promoting environmental sustainability in our respective sectors, which is great progress. Together, we are aiming to develop a common, collaborative framework to avoid duplicating efforts & maximizing our collective impact,” according to Mary Ann Passi, CEO of CHPA, and this trend will continue.

Over the past year, a concern for environmental sustainability has become more prevalent in Global Mobility circles. EuRA’s CEO, Tad Zurlinden, explains that “understanding and complying with the many different sustainability requirements are becoming increasingly difficult for the stakeholders in the Global Mobility supply chain. With this agreement, we hope to streamline the process across our industry, allowing for meaningful actions and real, measurable impact.”

Lynn Shotwell, CEO of WERC, emphasizes, “We believe that close cooperation across the employee mobility industry is fundamental to achieving greater environmental sustainability for the benefit of people around the world.”

Jesse van Sas, the Secretary General of FIDI Global Alliance, says, “the Global Mobility industry has a very complex global supply chain, that involves a large diversity of stakeholders. Through this joint agreement, we want to make sure that all parties are heard & participate in defining this sustainable future for our industry.”

An external consultant was hired to help structure the cooperation and establish the Global Mobility sustainability roadmap’s framework and milestones. Following an RFP procedure, this project has been given to Deloitte, who will present the findings at the WERC Global Workforce Symposium in Las Vegas, USA, at the end of October 2022.
Stephen Cryne, CEO of CERC, said, “Deloitte has a strong experience in corporate sustainability & extensive knowledge of the Global Mobility industry. Deloitte’s assistance will be extremely valuable to structure our common efforts”. The process will be an industry-wide survey to get input from each association’s members. Chuck White, President of the IAM, added, “The success depends on the participation of all members across the Global Mobility sectors. We, therefore, count on everybody to contribute to this important project”.

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