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French motor way introduces barrier-free tolling for the first time

A French motorway recently became the first to use Kapsch TrafficCom’s barrier-free tolling system. The roadside equipment and the transaction collection system were supplied by an Austrian technology company.

The upgraded free-flow tolling system on the A79 motorway in central France has been in operation since 4 November, and more French highways are expected to be upgraded soon.
Kapsch TrafficCom Area Sales Manager Quentin Houet stated, “The A79 is the country’s first free-flow highway. This marks an imperative step towards the implementation of multi-lane free-flow roads on the French highway system.”

Along an 88km stretch, 10,000 to 15,000 vehicles will be processed each day. Using the technology, the company claims to reduce traffic congestion – one of the major causes of air pollution – and reduce fuel consumption.

Over 50 countries have benefited from the solutions Kapsch TrafficCom provides for sustainable mobility.

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