Pending Global Recommendations for Reducing Pest Contamination in Sea Containers - ISS Relocations

Global Recommendations Awaited for Mitigating Pest Contamination in Sea Containers (Update Oct. 23)

In September 25, 2023, the International Association of Movers (IAM) and the FIDI Global Alliance, with valuable contributions and support from the Australian International Movers Association (AIMA) and the Global Shippers Forum (GSF), jointly submitted comments to the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM) regarding recommendations for minimizing the risk of pest contamination in sea containers. Anticipated to make critical decisions in 2024, the CPM is set to provide long-term guidance aimed at reducing the risks linked to international sea containers and invasive pests. The implementation of these measures on a global scale is expected to have a direct impact on the transportation of household furniture and personal effects shipments worldwide.

IAM and FIDI endorse voluntary measures to diminish the transfer of pests throughout the supply chain and the container pathway process. They also express support for a streamlined version of the ‘Custodial Responsibility’ principle, emphasizing pest preventive actions at the origin. For further inquiries, please reach out to Angela De Conti at or Marie-Pascale Frix at

FIDI Affiliates seeking more information on container pest control can refer to the dedicated resource page on FIDINET, accessible exclusively to FIDI members.

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