Global Shipping Conditions March 2024 - ISS Relocations

Global Shipping Conditions – March 2024

Amid ongoing instability in the Red Sea, shipping lines are rerouting vessels around the Cape of Good Hope, extending transit times and increasing the likelihood of delays. Emergency surcharges are being imposed to offset additional costs, affecting consumers. These surcharges are expected to persist even after normal operations resume.

Challenges also persist in the Panama Canal, impacting shipments to the US West Coast and Latin America. Climate-related issues exacerbate delays, affecting supply chains.

Customers are advised to plan ahead due to increased notice requirements for booking vessels. Uncertainties in trade routes continue to pose challenges, impacting freight rates and service reliability.

Despite some improvements in UK haulage, challenges remain, particularly regarding container no-shows. Currency exchange differences and fuel cost fluctuations further complicate shipping dynamics.

In light of potential port strikes and regulations concerning lithium-ion batteries, customers are urged to stay informed and work closely with their movers for smooth transitions.


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