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GWS2022: The Most Inspirational Addresses You Won’t Want to Miss

To start the annual conference, we have Lynn Shotwell, CEO and president of Worldwide ERC; Erik Hansen, Wynn Resorts’ chief sustainability officer; Eric, Bole-president of The Game Changers and former NFL athlete – speaking.
This week’s Global Workforce Symposium is the only event gathering professionals from the mobility and relocation industry to discuss and plan for its future. With over 1,400 in attendance, this conference provides an invaluable opportunity to learn about current trends and network with peers.
Lynn Shotwell, the CEO and President of Worldwide ERC, said in her opening speech that it is significant for each person to recall that our industry is still progressing. However, recent changes have come about regarding how we live and entertain ourselves. To put it simply, “The game has changed.”
Due to the pandemic, our industry has faced many challenges, such as people working remotely or hybrid, strained supply chains, housing market bumps, and inflation rates. Furthermore, we’re facing more uncertainty because of events like wars and political conflict.
As Shotwell explained, each change creates a new set of rules. To stay competitive, those in our industry must be conscious of immigration and tax reform, employment law, and environmental, social, and governance concerns.
According to Shotwell, “We must evolve as the rules do and continue to tell business and government leaders why it is critically important that talent can get to where it’s needed most.”
Shotwell explained that the Worldwide ERC is constantly bettering itself to assist its members further. We are continuously searching for innovative methods to help our members advance and triumph, whether by providing additional resources or being proactive against industry hardship.
Because the world is ever-changing, we’ve decided to continue our research series on how remote work will look in a post-pandemic era. Furthermore, we’ve also hosted multiple new corporate benchmarking sessions and updated the BMA (British Market Association). This was necessary due to recent changes in both the economy and the housing market.
Shotwell reassured attendees, “We fully intend to remain dedicated to building value for our members by reintroducing global events and hosting additional corporate roundtables.”
Worldwide, ERC continues to fight for the rights of talent mobility professionals, ensuring their voices are heard when rules and regulations governing their field are being discussed and modified.
The first-ever sustainability survey from Worldwide ERC provided informed feedback to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposed climate disclosure rule. Shotwell reminded the audience that Worldwide ERC also has a global reach, which is valuable for perspective on this issue.
At the United Nations, immigration forum leaders discussed how current policy creates gaps in the talent marketplace that must be addressed with commonsense solutions.
In addition, Worldwide ERC is taking steps to ensure Canada’s recent ban on real estate purchases by foreign nationals does not cause negative consequences for those assigned here or the companies that help them.

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