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House Prices Fall Across Europe: Insights from RE/MAX Europe’s Q3 Report

In the dynamic landscape of European real estate, the recent trends in house prices have captured significant attention. RE/MAX Europe, a prominent real estate network with a vast presence spanning 40 countries, has unveiled key insights from its Q3 European Housing Insights Report. This report sheds light on the evolving dynamics of the European property market, emphasizing the growing significance of factors like property energy efficiency alongside traditional metrics like location.

RE/MAX Europe’s Q3 Housing Insights Report

1. Buyer’s Market Intensification

2. Rising Importance of Property Energy Efficiency

3. Pan-European Trends vs. Regional Analysis

Key Insights

The Q3 report delves into various aspects of the European housing market, offering comprehensive insights into trends across the continent and focusing on specific countries such as Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, and Turkey.


1. Market Adaptation to Economic Conditions

Impact of Inflation and Interest Rates

– Declining Transaction Numbers


2. Diverse Trends in European Property Markets

– Subtle Price Adjustments

– Portugal, Germany, Italy: Minor Fluctuations

– Notable Price Trends

– Spain, Czech Republic, France: Significant Declines

Expert Commentary

Michael Polzler, CEO of RE/MAX Europe, emphasizes the shifting dynamics within the market. He notes a transition from historically low interest rates to a buyer-oriented phase, characterized by downward pressure on demand and prices. Polzler highlights the enduring importance of energy efficiency, stressing its role in determining property value and attractiveness.


The European real estate landscape is undergoing notable changes, with house prices experiencing fluctuations across various countries. As revealed by RE/MAX Europe’s Q3 report, factors such as economic conditions and energy efficiency are shaping buyer behavior and influencing property valuations.

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