Alex Kiefer Joins the I AM YP Management Board copy - ISS Relocations

IAM-YP welcomes Alex Kiefer to its management board

Alex Kiefer has worked for Frey & Klein for over 14 years, which is the only company he has worked for in the moving industry. At 18 years old, Alex began dual trainee training at Frey & Klein, which led to his graduation as a forwarding manager. After this, he stepped out with the crew and began with local moves, moved on to intra-European moves, and then became the crew leader for overseas VIP moves.

In the office, Alex was able to benefit from that experience by understanding how to work as a moving crew member. In the years following graduation, Alex became a sales Manager responsible for all global customers. Several years later, at the age of 24, he joined the Board of Directors of the Young Movers in Germany (J’AM), where he works today.

Since 2016, Alex has attended the Young Movers Conference (YMC) and the IAM Annual Meeting & Expo. In his current role, he manages customers, partners, software solutions, and our marketing strategy, teaches trainees, and sometimes carries upright pianos and drives moving trucks.

“I am thrilled to join the IAM-YP Management board to share my experience and provide fresh and crunchy input,” Alex remarks.

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