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IATA Statement to the 41st ICAO Assembly, Executive Committee

The International Air Transport Association has issued the following statement on aviation’s decarbonization: The IATA agrees with this important discussion on decarbonization in aviation. This Assembly must adopt a long-term aspirational objective under ICAO’s leadership. Our members are dedicated to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Being unified in pursuing the same objective will help states to assist this key industry challenge more effectively.

The IATA wholeheartedly endorses CORSIA. Despite this, it is no secret that the standard being proposed is not what we would have chosen. But we recognize the overall significance of having the world agree on anything.

CORSIA is the only economic measure to manage the carbon footprint of international aviation, and we expect all states to support it. We must protect its integrity from extra taxes, regional duplicative schemes, or similar measures that we see being introduced. These actions undermine CORSIA and our efforts at decarbonization.
The greatest use of limited airline financial resources for decarbonization is on SAF. However, supplies are limited, and costs have remained high. With the goal of LTAG in mind, state efforts should now be focused on finding methods to encourage more production capacity and hence lower its cost.

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