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International relocation & technological transformation: what needs to be prioritized?

Online panel: The technological transformation of relocation: Where are our priorities?

From virtual surveys to digital marketing to data security, digitalization is transforming the international relocation industry. What should be prioritized first among the array of often expensive solutions on offer? How should we deal with disruptors – should we fight them or form partnerships with them?

This event will take place on 1 December 2022, 17h CET (Brussels time).

The panelists include:
• Moderator: Dominic Weaver, editor at FIDI Focus
• The Regional Head of Delight International Movers, Shankar Ram Ganapathy
• JK Moving Services‘ Jackie Stouffer, Director – International Division
• EY Cybersecurity Specialist, Sarah Ampe
• TriGlobal B.V. CEO & co-owner Maurice Don.

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