FIATA Statutory GM next week Sign up for next FIATA Digital Lab - ISS Relocations

It’s time for the FIATA Statutory General Meeting next week! Join the FIATA Digital Lab!

It’s time for the FIATA Statutory General Meeting next week! Join the FIATA Digital Lab!

FIATA’s 2023 Statutory General Meeting test sessions are still available!

A FIATA Statutory General Meeting (GM) will be held online next Friday, 30 June, from 14:00 to 15:30 CEST.

Register here for the test session on Monday, 26 June, at 12:00 CEST (Region Europe and Region Africa and Middle East).
Here is the link to sign up for the test session on Tuesday, 27 June, at 09:00 CEST (Region Asia-Pacific).
Registration is open for Wednesday, 28 June, 17:00 CEST (Region Americas).

In advance of the Statutory General Meeting, the FIATA Secretary General explains proposed amendments to the FIATA Statutes

The agenda and supporting documents for FIATA’s upcoming Statutory General Meeting have been shared. FIATA’s Statutes are amended in this document. FIATA’s Statutes outline the organization’s purpose and governance. Overarching rules and regulations of the Federation are found in the FIATA Rules of Procedure. To avoid ambiguity in their application, it is crucial that the Statutes are accurate and well-maintained as the ultimate source of reference for the Federation. Consequently, certain amendments will be discussed at the upcoming Statutory General Meeting on 30 June 2023. As a result of these amendments, spelling and grammatical errors will be corrected, and the Statutes will be more accurate and consistent.

To ensure that all activities relating to the award of FIATA positions are conducted at the biennial Electoral General Meeting, as approved at the 2022 General Meeting, and in accordance with the two-year terms of FIATA positions that coincide with the FIATA World Congress, the amendments include corrections to the Statutes. FIATA Statutes are also being amended to ensure consistency in terminology. In accordance with the FIATA Brand Guidelines, and as reflected in the FIATA Congress Protocol, this is to ensure gender neutral language at the FIATA World Congress.

Please feel free to follow the Statutory General Meeting on 30 June and contact the HQ Team if you need assistance.

At the FWC in Brussels in 2023, FIATA seeks new and sustainable perspectives from YLPs

There will be a number of engaging and exciting activities planned for the Young Logistics Professionals (YLP) Day during the upcoming FIATA World Congress. In collaboration with the Belgian Forwarding Association, the Young Forward Belgium Committee is developing an innovative programme for young logistics talent. Students from universities and high schools around the world are also welcome to participate in this program. 

Participants will work together to develop creative and targeted solutions to a specific problem or business case under the theme “The Changing Climate of Logistics” that can be incorporated into forwarding companies. Sustainability Goals (SDGs) are used as a guide to best practices for forwarding companies.

The presentations will be discussed by a jury of FIATA industry experts. Coaches from around the world will provide participants with advice and tips based on their experience at the venue. We are harvesting ideas for sustainable business practices.

For more information and to register your Association Member’s participation, visit this page!

Keep up to date on all 2023 FWC news on our newly launched social media platforms!

Now FIATA Members can follow updates on the newly launched 2023 FIATA World Congress social media platforms! Follow along on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates about the largest global logistics event this autumn.

Check out the latest promotional video here, and share it with your network to make this Congress bigger and better!

At the upcoming 2023 FWC, there will be a Young Logistics Professionals Day!

FWC 2023 registration is now open!

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Find out more about two innovative software providers for freight forwarders at the next FIATA Digital Lab on Tuesday 27 June!

On 27 June from 10-11am CET, two innovative software providers revolutionizing the freight forwarding industry will present their products to the FIATA Membership. Join us here and now!

Explore how these cutting-edge solutions can transform your business and elevate your operations. All participants will have the opportunity to ask questions after the two introductions.

The platform is a leading platform for booking and marketing air freight. More than 40 airlines are represented in 4,000 branches worldwide. Here’s Logixboard, a white-labeled customer experience software that helps logistics service providers increase sales and retain customers. The system connects directly to your internal software and can be launched in less than three weeks.

Don’t miss the next FIATA Digital Lab webinar!

FIATA RAP Field Meeting in Vietnam: Are you ready?

We are pleased to welcome you to Da Nang, Vietnam, between 13-17 July at the Furama Resort, for the FIATA-RAP Field Meeting. Delegates can register here.

According to the RAP Field Meeting Programme, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, UNESCAP, will host a Regional Conference for Logistics Service Providers on 13 July.

Logistics service providers in Asia and the Pacific can share knowledge and experience at the UNESCAP event. Additionally, it promotes the development of efficient and resilient logistics services in the region. There is a rich history of UNESCAP hosting similar events in Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, India, and the Republic of Korea. 

FIATA Members and Field Meeting participants are encouraged to attend both events, which require separate registrations. You can register for the UNESCAP meeting here. If you are interested in participating, please let us know by June 30th 2023.

FIATA Field Meetings are a great opportunity to foster closer relationships between logistics stakeholders in the region and share best practices. To this end, FIATA reminds Association Members that FIATA-RAP Field Meeting bids are due by 29th June. Send your bids to events@fiata.orgAt the upcoming Field Meeting, RAP Association members bidding will be selected as finalists.

A chair’s role in steering the success of the region’s ability to come together is crucial. FIATA reminds participants that the Region’s Chair will be elected at the field meeting.

FIATA’s future will be shaped by your participation in Da Nang! Make your voice heard, and help shape the future of FIATA!

Click here to register for the FIATA RAP Field Meeting!

UNESCAP meeting registration here

PLACI and ICS2 discussions in Geneva include FIATA and other key stakeholders

A panel session on ‘Freight Forwarders’ implementation experience & challenges’ was held earlier this month in Geneva as part of the IATA PLACI Compliance Requirements Session. FIATA presented the readiness of freight forwarders worldwide for the recently implemented PLACI regulation in the European Union (EU) ICS2 Release II for air cargo during the session.

In the self-filing scenario, FIATA stressed the importance of developing a bilateral agreement between air carriers and freight forwarders. When a freight forwarder chooses to provide house-level customs information directly, this agreement would clarify the responsibilities and liabilities between the stakeholders. This work was led by FIATA, the global industry body, which brought together an array of freight forwarders and air carriers to create an ICS2-compatible bilateral agreement that will be applicable to all PLACI regimes.

Furthermore, FIATA shared the results of a recent survey highlighting a lack of awareness regarding ICS2. Awareness must be raised not only among EU members, but also among non-EU members who lack the information. In its presentation to the participants, FIATA noted that not all freight forwarders have made arrangements for submitting ENS data with air carriers. Therefore, FIATA emphasizes the need for reliable communication channels between airlines and freight forwarders as well as clear protocols for information exchange. 

In addition to its support for its members in implementing the ICS2 regulation, FIATA thanks IATA for organizing this event, which provided a platform for air carriers and freight forwarders to exchange ideas.

You can find more information about this new regulation in the FIATA Quick Guide here, and on the EU Commission’s page here.

Here is the FIATA ICS2 Quick Guide

Participate in the FIATA-IATA AEO certification survey!

IATA and FIATA are conducting an interview about Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification. As well as assessing the benefits of certification, the process of obtaining certification will also be assessed. Based on the experiences of FIATA members. Please share with FIATA your experiences becoming AEO-qualified or what would motivate your company to become AEO-certified. Non-AEO certified and AEO certified members are welcome to attend.

Through your participation, FIATA will continue to advocate and lobby for AEO certification to be available to companies of all sizes, including SMEs. 

Latin American, North American, Asia-Pacific, Africa and Middle East regions are invited to respond! 

Our team will contact you as soon as we receive the below form. 

Participate in the survey!


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