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More electric trucks from Volvo

Several models of electric trucks have been launched by Volvo.

The Volvo FH, Volvo FM, and Volvo FMX rigid versions of Volvo’s heavy electric trucks will make it even easier for transport companies to adopt electrical vehicles in urban and regional areas. Volvo already has the most complete electric truck line-up in the industry.
With multiple battery, cab, and chassis options, the upcoming heavy rigid trucks can carry electric superstructures for a wide range of specialised transport applications. 2023 will be the first quarter for production of upcoming variants.

The brand-new electric trucks from Volvo Trucks make it easier for even more customers to switch to electric, and for cities to switch to zero-emission vehicles for virtually all transport flows. With these trucks, our customers can reduce emissions while getting the same functionality as the diesel trucks they are using today.”
Batteries in the newly designed rigid trucks range from 180-540 kWh. As a result, trucks offer significant flexibility and the ability to perform a wide range of tasks.

The trucks can handle both light and heavy loads, says Roger Alm. By not bringing more batteries onboard than needed, customers can increase the payload by choosing the right battery capacity. No matter what the task is, we have the most cost-efficient electric transport solution.”

Volvo says half of its global truck sales by 2030 will be electric.

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