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SilverDoor Introduces Corporate Housing Sector’s Latest Carbon Calculator

SilverDoor, the leading global provider of serviced accommodation for business travel, has unveiled its groundbreaking sustainability tool – the SilverDoor Carbon Calculator.

This innovative Carbon Calculator is the first of its kind in the serviced apartment sector, consolidating carbon emissions data. Clients now have access to both qualitative and quantitative data sets, allowing for a more detailed examination of the environmental impact associated with their chosen accommodations. The tool empowers clients to establish, monitor, and attain their business travel sustainability objectives.

Beyond merely calculating building-specific CO2 emissions estimates per night for stays in serviced apartments, the tool compares these figures with equivalent hotel stays. This comparison relies on trusted industry standard data from the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index, recognized as the most comprehensive benchmark available.

The SilverDoor Carbon Calculator is designed to assess the data of serviced accommodation operators, with a specific focus on critical fields necessary for calculating global apartment emissions, such as water and energy consumption.

Leveraging data from its extensive global property partner network, comprising over 2,000 properties, SilverDoor has developed a proprietary methodology to estimate CO2 emissions attributable to a night’s stay in an operator’s apartment. This includes parameters like the total area of each apartment and the broader building, electricity, gas and oil use, total climate-controlled space area, water consumption, and laundry management.

The results display the calculated volume of CO2 emissions per night in comparison to the equivalent hotel industry average. This allows guests, travel managers, and bookers to understand and compare the environmental performance between bookings based on type and length of stay, similar to how they compare rates, location, and facilities.

The new data complements SilverDoor’s existing information on in-room recycling, solar panels, smart lighting, and more.

Commenting on the launch, Alex Neale, Group Head of Partner Relationships at SilverDoor, stated, “Our ambition for the launch of the Carbon Calculator is to provide data and transparency for the serviced apartment sector and lead the industry in the next stage of its sustainability journey. In researching and developing the Carbon Calculator, we have kept both our partners and clients front and center to ensure it is practical and accessible, as well as aiding them in making better qualified sustainable choices in line with their individual strategy. While cost remains the key factor for most booking decisions, sustainability is gaining prominence within travel policies and RFPs. As more partners submit their data, the Carbon Calculator will work alongside the data from Cornell so that together with our partners and our clients, we can take the next, better-informed steps towards a more sustainable future for travel together.”

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