An Update on the Public Policy Proposals Driving Workforce Mobility -ISS Relocations

Workforce Mobility: An Update on Public Policy Proposals

Workforce Mobility: An Update on Public Policy Proposals

A brief overview of how Worldwide ERC® is exercising its constitutional rights on Capitol Hill to represent the global mobility industry

On the eve of Independence Day in the U.S., Worldwide ERC® would like to remind you how we exercise our constitutional right to ensure the voice of the global mobility industry is heard on Capitol Hill. The number of members participating in our public policy forums has grown significantly, and I want to thank them for their efforts to formulate solutions that benefit our industry globally and in the United States.

The MAPPA is on the move

The Moving Americans Privacy Protection Act (MAPPA) was unanimously approved by the US Senate earlier this year, and Congressmen Waltz (R-FL) and Pascrell (D-NJ) introduced an identical companion bill in the House of Representatives. Afterward, the bill was referred to the House Ways and Means Committee. A hearing was held on the proposed legislation by the Trade Subcommittee. Our coalition partners and Worldwide ERC submitted a letter of support for the hearing record as part of the hearing. The House should move forward with legislation to protect transferees and military personnel’s personal data in cross-border moves.

Notarization in the Senate is secure

As we support the SECURE Notarization Act in the Senate, we have continued to have constructive conversations with policymakers. Across state lines, the legislation would require electronic and remote notarizations to meet a minimum set of standards. As a result of the pandemic, e-notarizations have become increasingly popular. Our team is closely monitoring the progress of a similar bill in the California State Assembly. The Senate legislation needs to be supported in some way.

A bipartisan immigration reform would be made possible by the Dignity Act

Bipartisan Representatives representing Florida and Texas introduced the Dignity Act, a comprehensive immigration bill to modernize the U.S. immigration system. Reps. We support the bill and look forward to working with its sponsors to move it forward.

The final Form I-9 rule is being reviewed

In light of the temporary U.S. With the end of the policy allowing the virtual review of work authorizations by Immigration and Customs Enforcement on 31 July, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has submitted a final rule to the Office of Management and Budget that will allow them to offer alternatives to physical document examination during the Form I-9 application process. It marks a significant step toward addressing physical inspection requirements by providing employers with more flexibility.

The DHS Unified Agenda and the SEC Climate Rule are the last but not least

According to the DHS spring unified agenda, a number of items relevant to our members are scheduled for possible action later this year. Both H-1B and H-2B rulemaking are included in this rulemaking, as are fee schedule changes for Citizenship and Immigration Services, as well as Form I-9 changes. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is also working to finalize its climate disclosure rule.

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