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Packing, Moving and Relocation in the times of Covid

During this Covid period the usage of physical spaces has been redefined, be it individual space or commercial space. While the functions that need the presence of different individuals within one space has to be temporarily given up or the number has been drastically reduced to at least half its capacity, the functions that were to be performed by personnel individually do not need their presence within the office and can be carried out from their residence or any convenient place. Thus, all organisations and residences, especially the rented ones that are of any form or size, will have to undertake.

  • moving to a space that is of an optimum size in terms of function, accessibility and cost effectiveness.
  • packing and removal of unwanted materials, items, office wares, etc.
  • storage of the items that are important enough not to be disposed but not currently required to achieve the ideal space management.
  • even relocating to a different country altogether which you may not know much about and which will entail numerous tasks such has arrival formalities, home search, school search, settling in, departure and/or pet relocation.
  • to protect you from the potential losses of damage or theft of your belongings, even throughout the entire duration of the transit thus a transit insurance is imperative.

Finding companies for such office, corporate, domestic, local or international needs that can provide affordable packing, moving, relocation or mobility solutions or services in UAE is an uphill task especially in Dubai because most companies will provide only one or two solutions out of all the requirements listed above leading to coordinating with multiple vendors and its consequent issues. With ISS-Relocations all of the above requirements will be fulfilled under one roof thus providing you the convenience of one-stop shop to comprehensively take care of your end-to-end needs. Therefore, ISS-Relocations is amongst the most favoured company for relocation solutions and services not only in Dubai and Abu Dhabi but also major cities across UAE, South Asia and Africa. ISS has successfully established its repute for not only customising but also personalising its services, a value add that especially relevant for mobility/relocation to a new geographical place, effective self-storage services over short and long term duration, pet moving or relocation services as well as transit insurance services.

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