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Thinking of Moving to Bulgaria? Here is the Complete Guide for You

Are you thinking about moving to Bulgaria? If you are drawn to Bulgaria’s fascinating past events, beautiful terrain, or dynamic culture, relocating there can be a thrilling adventure. Yet, the process of moving to an entirely different country may appear too much. Therefore, we put together this detailed guide to help you at each stage of your trip.

We’ve got you partially covered, from recognizing the practical elements of moving to Bulgaria to identifying the best moving service in Bulgaria. As witnessed relocation experts in the region, we are acquainted with every aspect of moving to Bulgaria. Our competent workforce is devoted to providing exceptional customer service throughout the moving process.

The subject matter will address vital topics such as visa procedures, choices for housing, medical treatment, academic prospects, and more. When you choose to move to Bulgaria for employment, retirement, or an alteration of scenery, we want to make the process as painless as possible.

Why Move to Bulgaria?

Moving to Bulgaria has a remarkable blend of Eastern European charm and modern amenities. Bulgaria’s various scenery, which ranges from the magnificent Black Sea coast to quiet settlements buried in the Balkan Mountains, attracts nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, Bulgaria’s low cost of living, suitable real estate prices, and growing economy make it a desirable choice for expatriates looking to maximize their budget or launch a new business venture.

13 Things to Keep in Mind While Moving to Bulgaria

1. Research and Preparation 

Moving to Bulgaria presents a great balance between traditional Eastern European culture and contemporary conveniences. Bulgaria boasts a varied range of landscapes that delight both nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. From the scenic Black Sea coast with its sparkling seas to the quaint villages buried in the Balkan Mountains, the country provides one-of-a-kind vistas that capture visitors.

Bulgaria’s affordability is a big attraction to people looking to relocate. The low cost of living, in addition to reasonable real estate expenses, presents an intriguing prospect for expatriates looking to stretch their budget or start their businesses. Furthermore, the country’s thriving economy heightens its appeal as a destination for those looking to start new businesses or further their professional lives.

2. Visa and Documentation 

Choose the visa needed when moving to Bulgaria, depending on your citizenship and intended stay. Whenever you demand a short-stay visa, a long-stay visa, or a permanent residence permit, be sure you possess all of the required paperwork to avoid difficulties during the moving process. Whenever moving to Bulgaria, you ought to familiarize yourself with the nation’s visa and residency requirements. 

On the other hand, for more extended journeys or if you are not an EU/EEA member, you must file a petition for a visa or citizenship permission at the Bulgarian embassy or embassy in your native country. The requirements could vary depending on the country you are from and the intention of your stay; thus, double-check the most recent legislation before arranging your move.

3. Finding Accommodation 

Conduct an investigation prior to focusing on Bulgarian adaptations. Whenever you decide to live in a rental or buy, there are plenty of choices available, from tremendous flats in cities to charming houses in the countryside. After you’ve verified the visa’s requirements and residency permit, the next thing to do is to find accommodation in Bulgaria. 

Whether you prefer the vibrant urban life of Sofia, the seaside attraction of Varna, or the tranquil countryside, Bulgaria has a broad spectrum of possibilities for residences to suit every taste and budget. Collaborating with an agent in the area can also assist with streamlining the buying or selling process and provide helpful insights into the market for real estate.

4. Choosing a Moving Service 

When it has to do with moving to Bulgaria, you must employ the services of an experienced moving company in Bulgaria. Seek a moving company in Bulgaria that offers experienced removal services that include packing, transportation, and immigration clearance. Examine feedback from others and compare quotes to determine the best answer for your needs.

5. Settling In 

Once you choose to move to Bulgaria, take some time to get to know what’s new to you. Consider the local cultural backgrounds, cuisine, and language. Join expat communities and socialize with locals to help you transition and meet new people.

6. Healthcare and Education 

Healthcare and educational opportunities constitute two of the most essential factors when moving to Bulgaria. Bulgaria’s public system of healthcare offers essential healthcare reasons amenities for its citizens. However, many foreigners prefer insurance from private companies that offer higher-quality care and doctors who understand English. Immigrant families moving to Bulgaria might think about foreign educational institutions or bilingual educational opportunities for their kids, particularly if they do not speak Bulgarian fluently.

7. Employment and Business Opportunities 

Sofia is a vibrant IT hub that encourages creativity and independent thinking. Sofia embraces an extensive range of organizations, from cutting-edge startups to established tech companies, contributing to its reputation as an expanding tech hub.

8. Moving Services in Bulgaria 

When it comes to moving to Bulgaria, picking an experienced moving company can help make the process simpler and less unpleasant. A reputable moving company can manage all aspects of your relocation, from packing and transportation to immigration clearance and shipment, regardless you’re moving your home, automobile, or pets. Look for Bulgaria moving companies who are acquainted with international relocations and have earned positive reviews from prior consumers. It is easier to compare interest rates to determine the best decision for your needs.

9. Affordable Cost of Living 

Bulgaria has a surprisingly low cost of living compared to many other European countries. Based on housing, groceries, and transportation, your budget will go further in Bulgaria.

10. Rich Cultural Heritage 

Bulgaria possesses a rich heritage of culture that extends hundreds of years. There are plenty of events of cultural significance to take part in, featuring ancient sites and medieval defensive structures, as well as traditional folk music and dance.

11. Stunning Natural Landscapes 

Bulgaria’s total surroundings are diverse and magnificent, ranging from the towering peaks of the Balkan Mountains to the pristine beaches along the Black Sea coast. Adventure seekers are going to discover plenty of alternatives to walk, go skiing, or enjoy the great outdoors.

12. Warm Climate 

Bulgaria offers pleasant summers and pleasant winters, making it a wonderful destination for individuals seeking sunnier skies and milder temperatures all year.

13. Thriving Expat Community 

Bulgaria has a flourishing expat belonging, with individuals visiting from all over the world to take advantage of the nation’s stunning natural beauty and prospective customers. Whether you want to engage with other expats or integrate into the local community, there will be plenty of support and mutual respect.


Moving to Bulgaria offers an exciting opportunity to immerse oneself in a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. With adequate planning and tools, your migration may be both simple and pleasant. Whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of urban life or the tranquil countryside, Bulgaria welcomes you with open arms.

In conclusion, if you are thinking about moving to Bulgaria, you are embarking on an exciting journey full of new experiences and chances. Bulgaria has a lot to offer expats looking for a fresh start, from its rich history and stunning scenery to its vibrant culture and hospitable communities.

The process of moving to Bulgaria might seem daunting, but with proper assistance and instructions, it can be a seamless transfer. Use a trustworthy moving company in Bulgaria to ensure that your things are treated with care and arrive safely at your new home. Consider contacting a reliable moving company in Bulgaria for professional assistance every step of the way.

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