How to Move with Pets in UAE - A Complete Guide

How to Move with Pets in UAE – A Complete Guide

Moving to a country you’ve never visited can be a thrilling endeavor, but it also expresses a particular set of challenges, especially when you have pets. Suppose you are hoping to relocate to your pets in UAE. In that case, you are about to embark on a thrilling adventure that demands careful consideration, due diligence, as well as an understanding of the rules and regulations governing pet transfer.

In this in-depth guide, we are willing to go over every detail you need to be aware of regarding moving to UAE with pets. From comprehending pet rules and airline guidelines to calculating expenditures and setting up pet relocation services, we’re going to provide you with the information you need and ideas for ensuring a smooth transition for both you and your beloved animals. 

10 Tips for Moving With Your Pets in UAE

Relocating to UAE with your pets depends on highly organized planning and preparation to ensure an effortless transition for your animal companions. Here are a few essential rules to help you reach an agreement on the process of moving to UAE with your pets. 

1. Understand UAE Pet Regulations

Understand information regarding pet legislation in the UAE, including constraints for keeping pets, their importation, and mobility. Each of the emirates may have a unique collection of constraints and regulations. Therefore, be sure that you research your destination’s specific requirements. 

2. Review Emirates Pet Policy

If you are thinking about traveling with your pets in UAE, check the pet policy of the airline you will be flying with, such as Emirates. Get acquainted with the pet travel standards, including cage requirements, breed limitations, as well as necessary papers for entry into the UAE. 

3. Calculate Pet Travel Costs

Moving with pets may end up resulting in unexpected expenses, which include airline fees, veterinary bills, and transportation costs. Determine the total expenditure of pet travel, comprising container size, veterinarian check-ups, and licenses for importation, to verify that it is within your budget. 

4. Consult with a Veterinarian

Schedule a veterinarian appointment in advance of your move to ensure your pet’s health and immunization status. Your veterinarian is capable of providing essential documents, like as a certificate of health and assurance of rabies vaccination, that may be required to gain entry into the UAE. 

5. Consider Pet Relocation Services

Think about contacting an experienced pet relocation company that can assist with the complicated procedures of moving your pets in UAE. These licensed professionals are capable of handling everything from making travel reservations to gathering import authorization and guaranteeing compliance with local legislation. 

6. Prepare Your Pet for Travel

Help your pet acclimatize to the travel procedure by getting acquainted with their baggage container and taking informed journeys to minimize anxiety. Make sure that your pet is at ease with confinement and has access to water and familiar comforts throughout the travel. 

7. Obtain Necessary Documentation

Put together any necessary documents for pet travel, which include medical certificates of authenticity, immunized documents, and import permits. Make sure these documents are up to date and in compliance with UAE rules to avoid delays or issues upon arrival. 

8. Book Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Whenever you arrive in the UAE, ensure that you reserve pet-friendly lodgings. Consult with the property owner or accommodation provider to see if pets are allowed and questions about any additional fees or constraints. 

9. Be Prepared for Quarantine Requirements

The quarantine facility regulations may apply based on your pet’s travel condition and the emirate to which you are migrating. Get familiar with the quarantine processes and guarantee that your pet meets the appropriate health and safety specifications

10. Monitor Your Pet’s Well-Being

During and after the relocation process, maintain a constant watch on your pet’s well-being while watching for any signs of stress or discomfort. Offer them a great deal of affection, confidence, and old-fashioned comforts that will assist them adjust to their surroundings for the first time. 


Moving pets in UAE mandates careful planning, preparation, and commitment to local restrictions. Understanding UAE pet rules and regulations, looking into airline policies, estimating expenses, consulting with a veterinary surgeon, and thinking about pet relocation services may assist pet owners in making an enjoyable and stress-free journey for their furry companions. 

It’s vital to pay attention to your pets’ well-being and comfort during the relocation process, from preparing them for travel to offering familiar comforts in their new habitat. By following the recommendations provided in this guide, pet owners may manage the challenges of moving with pets in UAE and ensure a safe and joyful voyage for their beloved animals. 


1. What are the regulations for bringing pets in UAE?

To bring pets to UAE, individuals must comply with strict importation, immunization, and documentation rules. The guidelines differ according to the emirate and the type of pet being imported.

2. What is Emirates’ pet policy for pet travel?

Emirates has guidelines and processes for pet travel, which include crate specifications, breed restrictions, and documentation. Pet owners ought to review Emirates’ pet policy before booking their flights.

3. How much does it cost to travel with pets on Emirates?

The cost of traveling with pets on Emirates fluctuates depending on the pet’s size and weight, where they are staying, and any extra amenities that are necessary. Pet owners should contact Emirates directly for price details.

4. Are there pet relocation services available in Dubai?

Yes, pet relocation organizations are available in Dubai that are able to assist with the practical considerations of moving pets, which include booking flights, acquiring import licenses, and arranging transportation inside the UAE.

5. What documentation is required to move pets to the UAE?

Pet owners must present record-keeping such as a health certificate, proof of rabies vaccination, and import licenses when transporting pets to the UAE. This documentation must be received from a licensed veterinarian and approved by UAE officials.

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