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FIATA attends IATA World Cargo Symposium and World Customs Organization meetings

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The theme of the 2023 Congress is “The Changing Climate of Logistics”. It will cover key challenges, innovations, and latest developments in a changing global market, focusing on new trends in global logistics, education, compliance, diversity, and responsibility. 

Join this international congress where you can interact with governmental and non-governmental organizations. The FWC program includes high quality national and international presenters, as well as debates on topical and policy issues.

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At World Customs Organization meetings, FIATA is leading the way on trade facilitation

FIATA attended the World Customs Organization Private Sector Consultative Group (WCO-PSCG) meeting on 24 April in Brussels.

FIATA has been an active participant in this group for many years, which provides an excellent opportunity to provide industry views to WCO members. A discussion was held with the WCO Deputy Secretary General Ricardo Trevio Chapa regarding the WCO strategic plan, as well as the ongoing work of the PSCG on business continuity and trade facilitation (led by FIATA).

Also on 25-27 April, FIATA attended the WCO Permanent Technical Committee (PTC) meeting as an observer, where it presented its work on trade facilitation and tangible actions that would maximize impact at the border. The WCO Policy Commission will present this work in June after it is finalized.

As part of FIATA’s Data Governance Charter, which was recently launched in conjunction with the Global Shippers’ Forum, customs administrations were encouraged to consider principles to build trust and transparency in data exchange among all stakeholders.

Furthermore, FIATA urged the PTC to continue the dialogue on trade facilitation at future meetings, in collaboration with the private sector. This was to exchange PSCG recommendations and share best practices.

“Positive, constructive exchanges with airlines” – FIATA at the IATA World Cargo Symposium

FIATA’s Director General Dr. Stéphane Graber and AFI Chair Dawit Woubishet participated this week in IATA’s World Cargo Symposium WCS2023 in Istanbul, the Cargo Executive Summit, and the 50th Cargo Agency Conference (CAC).

CAC participants recall that FIATA spoke for the first time in approximately 10 years. During this event, air cargo stakeholders were able to foster constructive dialogue and reiterate the importance of working together to develop a modern and truly global air cargo program. 

Digitalization was the main focus of the Cargo Executive Summit, with participants emphasizing the importance of collaboration, transparency, and trust, as well as the need for standards to be interoperable and to demonstrate benefits of digitalization to users. AI’s potential for dangerous goods detection and cybersecurity was also discussed.

FIATA’s consultations and discussions with key stakeholders and freight forwarders were dominated by the ICS2 multiple filing process. In the 7th Edition of the IATA Cargo Handling Manual, FIATA committed to working with IATA on freight forwarders’ operational processes. This work will be coordinated by AFI Chair Dawit Woubishet.

FIATA Senior Vice President Erkeskin also presented at the WCS on “The Final Mile under challenging conditions” in a special session on Turkey. Turkey’s freight forwarders showcased collaboration and ingenuity during severe disruptions to ground infrastructure, and lessons learned are used to guide future events.

First official FIATA HQ visit to UND Turkish Association, and UTIKAD welcomes DG in Istanbul

Last week, FIATA had the pleasure of visiting its Association members in Türkiye during the IATA World Cargo Symposium 2023. 

On this special occasion, FIATA was delighted to be hosted by UTIKAD (Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers). FIATA’s digitalization strategy with its digital bill of lading (eFBL), its air freight work toward a global air cargo programme, and training and education matters were discussed.

FIATA’s first official visit to members’ offices was particularly noteworthy, since UND (International Transporters Association of Turkey) focuses specifically on road logistics. Following the Russia-Ukraine war, the two parties discussed logistics challenges and the importance of Turkey. In addition to promoting young logistics professionals, FIATA and UND explored synergies between their work. 

FIATA looks forward to continuing and strengthening its relationship with its two Turkish association members!

Your chance to be featured in the Legal Quarterly Newsletter ‘FIATA Focus’!

The FIATA Focus newsletter was launched in the first quarter of 2023 to provide brief updates on key legal developments affecting the forwarding industry around the world. On select topics relevant to forwarders, including new laws, legal implications of various events, and relevant case law developments, FIATA will collaborate with experts from the FIATA membership and legal practitioners. Using lessons learned from other jurisdictions in legal and advocacy work, the newsletter is expected to improve business capability, knowledge sharing, and association members’ capacity to leverage developments around the world. 

Additionally, the newsletter will provide a spotlight on experts in the field and raise awareness of FIATA’s efforts to support and strengthen relevant legal regimes for freight forwarders. The FIATA will be pleased to receive contributions on how the FIATA Multimodal Transport documents are applied in land transportation in this upcoming issue.  

We would appreciate your contribution by 10 May by contacting!

Click here to read Issue 1!

FIATA delegates are invited to attend meetings for ICS2 Release III

On March 1, 2024, FIATA will begin seeking delegates to represent the Federation at meetings of the European Commission (DG TAXUD) regarding the EU’s new Advanced Cargo Information System (ACI) Import Control System (ICS2). The freight forwarders’ voices should be heard in discussions related to updated cargo information requirements and risk assessment procedures under Release III as operators in the maritime, inland waterways, road, and rail sectors.

FIATA is seeking experts in pre-arrival customs security and safety, as well as the impact of Release III on our members and the industry. It is necessary to have experience with road, rail, and/or maritime transportation. Reporting to FIATA effectively and participating in discussions with DG TAXUD or other ICS2 stakeholders is critical. 

Please contact if you are interested in representing FIATA at the European Commission meetings on ICS2 Release III.  

Our members and the wider industry can be assured that the updated system will meet the needs and concerns of both. 

Click here to learn more about ICS2 Release 2.

The agenda

Events coming up:

8-12 May ¦ 42nd session of UNCITRAL Working Group VI (Negotiable Multimodal Transport Documents)

30 May-1 June ¦ 2023 ICAO Global Implementation Support Symposium

 8-10 June ¦ 49th meeting of the Executive Council and Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Asia-Pacific Air Cargo Associations

19-21 June ¦ Meetings of the WCO Private Sector Consultative Group and Policy Commission

21-23 June ¦ Congress of the World Chambers of Commerce (WCC)

30 June ¦ Statutory General Meeting of FIATA

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