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Worldwide ERC is committed to helping mobility and relocation professionals improve their skills!

The BMA Form and CRP Exam allow industry leaders to have the tools they need to succeed.
The 2022 revision of the Worldwide ERC® Broker’s Market Analysis (BMA) and Strategy Report is now available to members. This update responds to how workforce mobility has changed since 2008, when the last report was released.
With the recent outbreak, housing market trends have changed, which has, in turn, forced businesses to change their policies. We need to fill this user requirement gap by expanding the BMA form.
To improve this, Worldwide ERC brought together a task force from multiple industries led by our former Board Chair, Sue Carey. They reviewed the content and recommended updates better to match the needs of practitioners and their clients. We’re grateful for their dedication to the workforce mobility industry and their assistance and advice.
The new BMA offers updated content, multiple platforms, and resource enhancements. Technology and access improvements delivered with this release include:
– You can fill out the form in two ways: by downloading and filling out a PDF or completing an online form that produces a PDF.
– A digital guide that can be accessed on any device.
– Private companies can license the BMA for use in their products.
I am proud to announce that 45 new members have joined Worldwide ERC and earned the Certified Relocation Professional (CRP®) designation. With over 3,000 individuals now holding this prestigious title, it is clear that we are committed to identifying professionals who demonstrate a broad understanding of managing employee mobility within the United States. Obtaining the CRP designation requires work experience and professional engagement approved by experts. Candidates must also pass an extensive examination testing their knowledge in the field.
ERC will open a second CRP Exam window for 2022 to accommodate continuing demand worldwide. The exam period runs from 14 November through 9 December. It is available at hundreds of designated testing centers worldwide and online via life proctoring from any device, allowing greater flexibility for test-takers. More information about the CRP exam window can be found here.
Worldwide, ERC has committed to delivering the tools and resources our industry needs for workforce mobility by modernizing its BMA form, creating new online formats, and reopening the CRP exam window.

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