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The scene is set for the final FIATA World Congress site visit! Register now for FIATA’s General Meeting at ICAO in Korea!

FIATA’s 2023 Statutory General Meeting is just around the corner! Get registered now!

FIATA Association Members will meet virtually on Friday 30 June from 14:00 to 15:30 CEST for the 2023 Statutory General Meeting (GM). By Thursday, 22 June, FIATA Association Members must register.

The event can be registered at this link (Microsoft Teams).

Here is a second link as an official registration form for all voting delegates. On this link, you can propose a 4-digit code that will allow you to access the Association voting platform on GM day. It is mandatory for voting delegates to register at this link as well.

In order to avoid technical issues on the day of the Statutory GM, FIATA Headquarters is conducting several test sessions ahead of the meeting for Association Members, their voting delegates, and other appointed representatives.

You can register here for the test session on Monday 26 June at 12:00 CEST (Region Europe and Region Africa and Middle East).
For the Tuesday 27 June 9:00 CEST test session (Region Asia-Pacific), register here.
For the Wednesday, 28th of June, 17:00 CEST test session (Region Americas), please register here.

In accordance with Article 4.7 (b) of the FIATA Statutes, FIATA reminds you to pay annual membership fees by 31 May. In accordance with Article 4.6.2, membership will be suspended if the member fails to meet its financial obligations in a timely manner, the suspension will be annulled once all outstanding amounts have been received.

By Thursday, 22 June, associations must appoint one voting delegate. Associations that cannot join can appoint a proxy by Tuesday 20 June, and FIATA must be notified.

At the 2023 FWC, the FIATA elective meeting will take place

On Friday 6 October at 11:00-13:00 CEST, the 2023 FIATA Electoral General Meeting will be held in Brussels at the 2023 FIATA World Congress. Candidate nominations must be submitted by 5 June. Please contact for more information.

Join us at the FIATA General Meeting in 2023 by registering now

REU and RAME test registration

 Participate in the RAP test session by registering

Join the RAMS test session by registering

Final site visit for the 2023 FIATA World Congress in Brussels: the scene is set!

As part of its final site visit in advance of the 2023 FIATA World Congress, FIATA explored the Brussels Congress sites in three intense days of programming, where crucial finalisations were made. The organising association of the upcoming edition, Forward Belgium, took FIATA on a tour of the Congress’ key venues, which you can see in the pictures below!

Several international organizations and the de facto capital of the European Union are set to welcome the global logistics community. Furthermore, the social programme at the Brussels Comics Art Museum and Autoworld Museum Brussels will make networking an unforgettable experience.

Speakers and exhibitors from industry as well as academia contributed expertise on various modes of transportation to FIATA. More updates are coming soon!

At the ICC World Chambers Congress, Geneva, network with FIATA and supply chain leaders!

The 2023 World Chambers Congress (WCC) will be jointly hosted by the Geneva Chambers of Commerce (CCIG) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) from 21-23 June at Palexpo, Geneva. Together with FIATA Partners, Komgo and Arab Bank, FIATA will be promoting the FIATA digital strategy, including the secured, multimodal, negotiable Digital FIATA Bill of Lading (eFBL).

As FIATA Director General, Stéphane Graber will be among many illustrious speakers, including the heads of many UN organizations, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the International Trade Center (ITC), and MSC, among many others. At 11:25-12:00 CEST on June 22, a day dedicated to innovation for all by all, FIATA will participate in the panel titled “Digital Trade: what’s in it for you?”.

FIATA will host networking sessions and cocktails at its booth for members of its Chamber of Commerce Association and key supply chain stakeholders. If you are attending the event and would like to schedule time to interact with FIATA and its partners, please fill out this form.

FIATA invites its members to introduce FIATA to members of their local Chamber of Commerce, especially to those who represent the trade and logistics branches at the event. For updates on key topics relevant to forwarders from the WCC, such as 60 years of the ATA Carnet, Understanding Supply Chain Responsibility, guidance for businesses on how to adapt to the energy transition, digital transformation and trade facilitation, FIATA encourages readers to watch this space. Click here for more information.

The event registration form must be filled out if you will be attending!

Find out more about the event here

Republic of Korea hosts ICAO-FIATA Dangerous Goods by Air Training Programme!

At the ICAO Global Implementation Support Symposium 2023 on 31 May, FIATA presented on the ICAO-FIATA Dangerous Goods by Air Training Programme.

Stéphane Graber, Director General of FIATA, stressed the importance of the learning experience and storytelling over pure content delivery, how artificial intelligence will be used in applied learning, and how people and machines complement each other. There was also an analysis of the different variations of training, along with a summary of the potential disadvantages of training that is solely digital. 

As part of a panel discussion on Competency-based Training Assessment (CBTA), FIATA shared examples from its Dangerous Goods by Air Training Program.

Secretary General of ICAO meets with FIATA 

FIATA met with ICAO’s General Juan Carlos Salazar during the ICAO Global Implementation Support Symposium 2023. It is with great pleasure that FIATA congratulates him and his team on the success of the event in Seoul, Republic of Korea!

One of many expert speakers at the event was the FIATA Director General. In the best interest of the global airfreight community, FIATA looks forward to further supporting ICAO and deepening its collaboration with the organization. We’ll keep you posted!

FIATA President attends event for Portuguese Association and Cargo Partners Network

APAT (Association of Portuguese Transit Companies) received FIATA President Dr Ivan Petrov for the first time on 29 May. António Nabo Martins, Executive President of APAT, and Mariana Teixeira do Vale, Training Manager and member of FLI (FIATA Logistics Institute), welcomed Dr Petrov.

Dr Petrov met with APAT and discussed freight forwarding’s future and challenges.

The President attended the 25th Annual Silver Anniversary Conference of the Cargo Partners Network during his visit to Portugal. On digitalisation, sustainability, and cybersecurity, he discussed FIATA’s work.

The schedule

Events coming up:

  • 8-10 June ¦ 49th Executive Council meeting of the Federation of Asia-Pacific Air Cargo Associations and Annual General Meeting
  • 19-21 June ¦ Meetings of the WCO Private Sector Consultative Group and Policy Commission
  • 21-23 June ¦ ICC World Chambers of Commerce (WCC) Congress
  • 30 June ¦ Statutory General Meeting of FIATA

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