FIATA welcomes two new Associations to digital FBL distributor list ¦ Launch of Legal Newsletter - ISS Relocations

FIATA Announcing The launch of The Legal Newsletter and The HQ Meeting App For The Digital FBL Distributor List.

2023 FIATA HQ Meeting app launches tomorrow!

This Friday is the first day of the 2023 FIATA HQ Meeting! Check out the more detailed version of the programme here to learn more about what FIATA has in store for its members. Tomorrow, the FIATA HQ Meeting App will launch, where participants can find all necessary materials including a networking function, a live event feed, a speaker list, a participant list and more! If you do not receive an invitation from our Eventee platform, please check your spam/junk folder!

UNCTAD – United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNECE – United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, UNCITRAL – UN Commission on International Trade Law, UIC – International Union of Railways, IRU – International Road Union, World Shipping Council, Logitech, evofenedex, Çelebi Aviation Holding, IATA – International Air Transport Association, MSC – Mediterannean Shipping Company, CHAMP, and numerous others will participate on the panel discussion.

FIATA HQ Meeting Programme
Detailed agenda

Check out the latest FIATA Review! Find expert global airfreight forecasts and more!
With this first magazine of 2023, FIATA is excited to reveal the NEW FIATA Review design to all members and readers! If you haven’t completed the survey below, you will receive this only in digital form. In case you haven’t yet filled in the survey, but would like to continue receiving the magazine by mail as well, please do so!

Featured in this issue of 2023 are the airfreight outlook for the year, ‘End of 2M’ on the maritime front, cybersecurity guidance, safety in freight loading, an in-depth look at AEO programmes, and FIATA Diploma success for 2022 for members of the Advisory Body on Safety and Security. Find out what’s new from FIATA Members worldwide, hear from the Chairs of FIATA Regions, anticipate the upcoming FIATA HQ Meeting sessions, with practical guidance, and sneak a peek at the upcoming FIATA World Congresses in Brussels and Panama!

Explore the NEW FIATA Review here!

The Advisory Body on Information Technology invites Subject Matter Expert Delegates

COVID-19 has accelerated the need for digital transformation in the industry, and FIATA has taken the initiative by launching a new Digital Strategy in 2020 and digitizing the FIATA Bill of Lading, the first step to ensuring smooth data exchange between all supply chain stakeholders.

In order to develop and implement the different projects that are part of FIATA’s digital strategy, the organization will need experts in digital transformation. Your Association is invited to nominate a delegate with the necessary expertise to join ABIT and participate in the development of ABIT deliverables if you are interested in working on the digital future of the freight forwarding industry.

Our company is looking for motivated individuals with the following characteristics, who like to work in a cooperative environment:

• A deep understanding of the freight forwarding and/or logistics industry and extensive experience with developing and implementing digital solutions
• A key interest in emerging technologies and digital solutions
• Industry knowledge of freight forwarding
• A willingness to devote time to FIATA’s projects

Please fill in the dedicated online application form as soon as possible, but no later than 8 April, for associations interested in nominating a delegate.
Please contact if you have any questions.

As part of its digital FBL program, FIATA welcomes NSBS and CCIS!
We are pleased to announce that the Bulgarian Association for Freight Forwarding, Transport and Logistics – NSBS and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Of Serbia (CCIS) – Association For Transport And Telecommunications, have now begun offering the digital freight booking system to their members. Currently, 18 associations offer this new service to their members, and the full list is available on our website.
After the launch of the FIATA secured digital FBL, the FIATA Presidency’s goal was to get all FIATA Associations to sign the new FIATA documents licensing agreement by the 2023 HQ Meeting, and this goal was shared with the FIATA Extended Board. Before the HQ Meeting, we invite all associations that have not yet signed to do so as soon as possible.
Please contact if you have not received the new licensing agreement or need it resent.

This week, the FIATA Quarterly Legal Newsletter will be launched!
Global events in the maritime supply chain have prompted important legal developments for the freight forwarding and logistics industry, as well as a renewed focus on legal aspects as risk management strategies. The FIATA, the global association for freight forwarding and logistics, is pleased to announce the launch of its quarterly legal newsletter. A quarterly legal newsletter will be launched ahead of the FIATA Headquarters Meeting to inform FIATA members of important legal developments around the world.

The FIATA Headquarters would like to thank the members of FIATA’s Advisory Body Legal Matters (ABLM) who contributed to this first issue, which sheds light on a significant decision taken by the US FMC against a large shipping company for unfair practices. In this article, we discuss international trade risks, the nuances of general average claims, and the work being done in Australia to simplify trade. Freight forwarders are reminded of the importance of adhering to proper contract management practices by FIATA’s ABLM Chair, who provides practical tips in the ABLM Best Practice Guide on Contract Management.

Please contact if you would like to contribute to the next FIATA Quarterly Legal Newsletter.

As part of OECD Business, FIATA joins the Associated Expert Group

As a member of the Associated Expert Group (AEG) of Business at OECD (BIAC), FIATA is excited to announce its membership. It will enable FIATA to participate in decision-making in the freight forwarding and logistics industry at the OECD.

As part of its digital strategy, FIATA will work with BIAC’s policy groups on digital economy, innovation and technology, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In addition, FIATA is interested in following policy groups working on competition, economic policy, education, trade environment, and energy.

Through their national federations of commerce, FIATA Members have participated in BIAC’s Maritime Transport Committee in the past. Thus, FIATA is delighted to note this formal recognition, as well as direct access to Business at the OECD to enable greater business-government collaboration to shape policy, thereby enhancing businesses’ competitiveness and sustainability.

Please contact us at for more information.

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