Pet Moving Checklist: Things To Remember

Pet Moving Checklist: Things To Remember

Please refer to our in-depth checklist for pet moving. Following these steps will make the transportation of your pets as stress-free as possible. It’s of paramount importance that your pet departs and arrives safely in the new country of residence and a healthy condition; hence, please go through the step-by-step pet moving checklist below:

Start to gather information about pet relocators within your area of current residence.

The most crucial step is for us to get all the necessary information from you regarding both your travel dates and your pets. These are mainly as below:

  • What are your tentative travel dates?
  • Where would be your final destination?
  • Mode of travel?
  • Number of pets for the trip?
  • Will you need a full service for pet boarding/travel, etc., or part service only?

Obtaining this vital information will help us to customize a seamless and budget-friendly pet relocation for your pets.

Working Together

After we receive the critical and vital information from you regarding your pet and travel dates, we shall work together to ascertain the best and most cost-effective way to make pet moving a seamless process.

We realize that traveling to a different country can be challenging for some pets. So we work hard to ensure that pet transport time is as short as possible.

The most important questions one has during pet travel are as follows:

  • What kinds of vaccinations does the pet require before the travel
  • No pets that be relocated on a single owner passport
  • Min age requirements for pets moving at both ends
  • Is a Titer test required? If yes, where can this be completed
  • Does the pet need a certified ISO approved microchip and health certificate before travel?
  • Any particular pet breeds which are prohibited from travel

Once we gather such information and study the pet moving requirement in detail, we can put together an extensive pet moving proposal for your perusal.

We Handle the Rest

By this time, we would have gathered all the required information regarding your pet and taken care of every request before the travel.

Your satisfaction and pet’s comfort are of paramount importance to us; hence, please feel free to be involved in the process with us should you wish to do so.

What steps will be taken by us throughout the pet moving process?

We would assist by covering the pet handing right from the time to taking it to the airport.

Please take it to the vet for any further checks or documentation. We would also guide the vet with the destination country’s import requirements for the vet to take the required measures for a smooth pet trip.

We would also assist in airport transportation, obtain and arrange all required health and travel certificates for your pet and lastly, take your pet to the airport cargo area where pets have to be bought for further handling with the respective airport ground handling staff for additional travel.

Why should you opt for a professional pet relocation firm?

Pet relocation can be a stressful and challenging process. Every country has its own rules and regulations.

Hence, it could be overwhelming for pet owners to run about by themselves and arrange for all the export/import requirements.

Suppose you use a reputed firm like us to handle this portion. In that case, we can only assure you of smooth pet travel throughout the entire process.

You must know the rules and regulations for the destination country to which the pet is being relocated.

We have heard that pet moving agents did not pay importance to this matter, leading to the pet relocation getting delayed for obvious reasons, which could further lead to more travel delays for yourself and the pet.

There are options where the pet can travel as a buddy alongside you on the flight.

Still, certain carriers only allow the pet to travel in the cargo hold safely and healthily. We would be more than glad to discuss this and explain the whole process through our Pet moving expert.

Hence, let us know when it would be convenient for you to schedule a meeting with us.

We will also take care of the food and water supplies for the pet throughout the pet moving process; hence, you needn’t worry about this at all. We shall take into account the pet’s safety and well-being. throughout the pet moving process.

We shall guide you accordingly with the best and safest way for a smooth pet trip.

Additional information, such as costs related to this process, any special dietary requirements, travel timeframe, etc, can be discussed in detail when we schedule a personal visit to your residence to understand this in detail.

It’s also advisable to have a good idea about the airlines having service to the destination country.

Preferred air travel should ideally take place in a direct (non-stop) airline to reduce the travel time compared to transit (1 or 2-stop) airline service.

The pets travel in customized pet crates for which they should be sufficiently fed and hydrated for the travel timeframe.

Airlines only accept pets for travel once all export and import paperwork is in order and the pet is in good and healthy condition.

Pets will not be accepted for travel if they are sedated. Many airlines have their policies; hence, it’s imperative to know which airline has the most pet-friendly policies and shortest travel timeframe.

Keeping the pets safe is of paramount importance.

The finer travel points should be consulted with a Vet before finalizing if the pet should be relocated or not, keeping in mind the current health/age/moving country/transit time/quarantine period, if any.

If the vet gives the go-ahead, Hurrah!!!!!!

We are always happy to see the Pets rejoin their Family!

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