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Move To Canada

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to Canada Easy for You. Start your move to Canada by getting a free moving quote.

Our reliable International moving makes Relocating to Canada Easy for You. Start your move to Canada by getting a free moving quote.

Moving To Canada

Comprehensive Guide on Relocation to Canada

Are you considering emigrating to Canada? Well, you are just one of the hundreds of people who are shifting to this beautiful country every passing year. With one of the lowest crime rates in the West, Canada is the biggest attraction for people considering relocating due to its diverse and intense culture and lifestyle. This can be one of the biggest decisions of your life, and therefore, it becomes our duty to provide you with all the steps, information, paperwork, etc., in the easiest and simplest way possible.

In this comprehensive guide about Relocating to Canada, we will cover all the information that you need to know before taking this massive decision of your life. This will include everything ranging from the different types of visas you can apply for, where and how to find a job, the best cities to live in, etc.

Contact us right now to get personalised guidance and 1 on 1 mentorship on the same! Hope this small guide will solve all your queries and make your research work as easy and stress-free as possible.

Benefits of Relocation in Canada

1. Stable political system
2.  Jobs
3. Free healthcare
4. World-class education
5. More than 100 immigration programs
6. Multicultural

Moving Company In Canada

How To Move To Canada

If you have made up your mind about relocating to Canada, then there are a few things that you should be aware of. At ISS relocations, the best movers and packers in Canada, we provide you with personal guidance and 24-hour support, alongside providing you with all the resources that you might find useful to make this move of yours successful. The first step involves determining if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada or not.

There are a lot of ways to find this out, and we will assist you in finding the finest option for you. After your eligibility test is cleared, the next step will revolve around the quest for finding a job, accommodation in a safe neighbourhood, and the rest of the miscellaneous paperwork (all of which will be handled by our team).

We will also make you aware and comfortable with the cultural diversity of Canada. Although a majority of Canada’s population comprises of immigrants, you might take some time to get along. During the whole process, our team will be in constant touch with you. Contact us today for further details!

Move To Canada | ISS Relocations
Moving To Canada

Move To Canada Visa's Requirements

Migrating to Canada is one of the top priorities for people looking forward to living a quality life and wanting to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. Moving to Canada will require a visa, and that visa will be dependent on your reason and duration for a visit.

Temporary Resident Visa
In order to enter Canada, citizens from other nations need to apply for a visa known as a Temporary Resident Visa. You can fill out the form for the same along with submitting the right documents.

Study permits – Study permits allow citizens of other countries to stay and pursue their education in Canada for a specified time period. It might come with some restrictions, such as permission to work and the duration of the stay. During the study period, you are eligible and are provided with an option to work part-time. After the course completion, you are given a time period of 90 days to apply for a visa extension or to prepare for your departure.

Work permits – You may apply for a work permit visa for Canada if you have an offer letter for a job from a Canadian company.

Permanent Resident Travel Document – If you have got your PR in Canada, then this option is for you. Our team here at ISS Relocators will find the perfect visa for you and help you all the way down till its clearance.

You will need the following documents for the following types of visas:

1. Temporary Resident Visa –
– A valid passport or any other travel document.
– Bank account statements showing that you have sufficient funds for travelling and staying.
– Invitation letter and/or a medical examination certificate.
– VFS content form.

2. Study permits –
– A valid passport or any other travel document.
– Bank account statements showing that you have sufficient funds for travelling and staying.
– A letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institute (DLI).
– Invitation letter and/or a medical examination certificate.
– VFS content form

3. Work permits –
– A valid passport or any other travel document.
– Offer letter of employment
– Bank account statements showing that you have sufficient funds for travelling and staying.
– Invitation letter and/or a medical examination certificate.
– VFS content form.

4. Permanent Resident Travel Document – If you are already a permanent resident of Canada, you need to carry your PR card to enter Canada.

Upon consultation with us, our highly experienced team carries out the submission of all required documents on your behalf flawlessly so that you are not under any kind of burden. We are always there to help you out!

1. Temporary Resident Visa – if you are applying for a Temporary Resident Visa, you will be charged a fee of $CAN 100 per person. If you wish to extend your visa, you will be charged a further fee of $CAN 100 per person. If you wish to restore your status as a visitor (application fee not applicable), you will be charged an amount of $CAN 200.

2. Study Permits – For study permit application, you will be charged a fee of $CAN 150 (including extensions) per person. If you wish to restore your status as a student, a further fee of $CAN 350 will be charged.

3. Work Permit – Applying for a work permit will cost you around $CAN 155 for the work permit application fee, as well as an open work permit fee of $CAN 100.

4. Permanent Residence Fees – The right to permanent residence fee will be charged around $CAN 490 per person.

Type of Visa Cost (in CAD)
Study Permit $150
Canada Visitor Visa Fee $100
Work Permit Fees $155
Permanent Residence Fee $490

VFS Global is the platform through which all the applications are filed for a Canadian Visa. You need not worry about this portion as well. The highly experienced team at ISS Relocations will handle it for you. The detailed process is mentioned below for your reference:

– The first and foremost requirement while applying for a Canadian Visa is to read the application and requirements form atleast twice (Don’t worry. We will do that for you as well!).
– After reading the form thoroughly, the second step involves downloading the correct form and checklists required for you.
–  After filling out the form, you need to attach the documents to it electronically. You are required to print it on a white but non-glossy sheet of paper using a laser printer.
– If a case arrives in which you are not able to fulfil the required documents, you can go in to fill out a waiver form and sign it. Further, attach it to your application form.
– The fifth step is to read out the privacy policy. Once done, fill out the consent form and further attach it to your application form. This is a crucial step because the VFS requires you to complete this step flawlessly for your visa application. If somehow you miss this step, your application will be immediately rejected.
– After this, the next step is the payment of the fees. You can pay the fees using the process and instructions given on the Canadian Visa Office website. (But guess what? We will cover this portion for you too. You just sit back and relax!)
– If you are opting to submit your application through Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC), either through mail or in person, you will have to pay an additional CVAC service fee. The fee charged is around $CAN 85.
– You are then required to keep your photographs, passport, and other necessary documents and application forms ready. Then, pay a visit to CVAC with these documents.
– There you will be asked to pay a service charge. This charge needs to be paid in cash.
– A receipt with a unique tracking number will be provided to you. You will be able to track your application online.

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Moving To Canada

Cost Of Move To Canada

The cost associated with moving to a different country varies from person to person. What might be your luxuries might be the necessities of some other person. Therefore, the exact cost of moving to Canada from UAE cannot be determined by anyone but you. Some of the factors that might help you in your expenditure calculation are:

Type Cost (in CAD)
Language tests $300
Biometrics $85
Medical exams $100
Application processing fee $150 to $850
Right of permanent residence fee $515
Miscellaneous fees $250
Settlement funds $13,213
Total Approx 15,500
Move To Canada

Housing In Canada

There is a wide range of housing options in Canada, stretching from 1-2-3BHK apartments to flats to townships. Which option will be best suitable for you will depend on the locality you choose, what your budget is, and what type of accommodation you would prefer. For example, houses in Toronto, which happens to be the busiest city in Canada due to the head offices of all major tech companies, will be far more expensive than houses available in the countryside.

Building their own house is a dream of many. Approx 30% of people who decide to relocate to Canada wish to build up their own house from ground zero. This is an amazing option if you want things to be your way as you get to supervise everything. But the cost of construction, labour, and raw materials, and not to forget the time required to build your own house, should be kept into consideration before any decision is made.

We have our offices and employees in Canada to whom you can reach out at any hour of the day for any sort of assistance related to housing and other matters. We will be more than happy to serve you. As the best moving company in Canada, we always strive to provide the best services to our customers.

Housing type Average Cost (in CAD)
Renting Studio apartment $1563
Renting 1 Bedroom $1863
Renting 2 Bedrooms $2219
Renting 3 Bedrooms $2431
Buying an apartment $429,000 to $489,000
Buying a house $198,000 to $1,036,000
Moving Company in Canada

HealthCare System In Canada

Canada’s healthcare system is one of the most promising and advanced systems in the world. The majority of the hospitals are government funded with world-class professionals serving you 24×7. Also, Canada’s health insurance is quite fascinating and economical as compared to other countries like the U.S. and Europe. It is of utmost importance to be well aware of all the policies and services offered by a country before planning to move, and we at ISS, the best movers in Canada, are always willing to answer all your questions at the earliest and in the easiest way possible.

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Move To Canada

Taxation In Canada

Canada’s taxation system is quite different and unique from the ones you might have been experiencing in the past few years. People residing in Canada are taxed under Canada’s taxation policy. While the tax rates are somewhat similar to what we get to see in India, taxes in Canada are distributed between the federal government and numerous territorial and provincial legislatures. Contact us for more detailed information about the tax laws in Canada. We will gladly connect you to our taxation expert.
Moving To Canada

Education In Canada

The education system in Canada focuses on practical knowledge instead of focusing just on the bookish part. Their system believes that if children will only be fed the contents of the books and they continue the traditional system of rote-learning, their overall development will only be confined to the classrooms. With world-class technologies, smart classes, AI assistants, and co-curricular activities which widely promote art and sports, the Canadian education system is no doubt one of the best around the globe.
Move To Canada

Work Market In Canada

The work market in Canada is extremely diverse. People come from all around the globe in pursuit of jobs in the fields of business, marketing, IT, Law etc. The unemployment rate of Canada is one of the lowest in the world, at around 4.9%. The average salary of a Canadian employee is $CAD 56,000.

We at ISS provide our expertise on the matter of jobs in Canada. We have partnered with some of the top Canadian companies, and if needed, we help our clients to the fullest in acquiring a respectable job offer from a Canadian company.

Moving Company In Canada

Best Cities To Living In Canada

1. Toronto: This Canadian city is located nearby the Niagara region. This region is an excellent option for families looking for houses near the city within an average budget.

2. Ottawa: Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is an extremely clean and green city. This region is bike-friendly and has a huge range of opportunities for people who admire an active lifestyle.

3. Vancouver: This Canadian city has made its place in the top 100 cities to live in the world. It is filled with mountains and beaches. The attraction point for tourists is that this place is jam-packed with scenic beauty.

If you still have ample questions in your mind, if you still are not sure if Canada is your go-to country, or if you still need guidance in your journey ahead, WE ARE HERE! 

Feel free to contact us through the contact numbers and the email IDs mentioned on our webpage. We at ISS Relocations, professional movers in Canada, will be honoured to serve you.

Move To Canada


Newcomers can immigrate to Canada in a variety of ways. There are several immigration initiatives that result in permanent residence, including being an international student and studying in Canada, Express Entry program, Provincial Nominee Programs, Family Sponsorship, Start-up Visa, Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP), Family Sponsorship and many more.
Yes, Canada allows you to immigrate to the country along with your family. Since Canada believes in family reunification, you can take your family along with you if you decide to move to Canada.
One of the most popular and sought-after routes to Canadian immigration is the Express Entry (EE) programme. Through the online immigration application process known as Express Entry, potential immigrants might be given the status of skilled immigrants.
Yes, you can apply for your visa on your own. This website has all the details, and you can apply by going through the steps. But it is advisable to apply through professionals as they know exactly what documents are needed to get your visa approved.
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