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Mumbai Maersk at Hutchison Ports Port of Felixstowe Breaks Deep Draft Record

With a capacity of 20,568 TEUs, the Mumbai Maersk created nautical history by becoming the vessel with the deepest draft to dock at Hutchison Ports Port of Felixstowe in the United Kingdom. This is an outstanding achievement. The ship sailed out with a draft of 17.0 metres on November 11 after arriving from Bremerhaven on November 11 with a draft of 16.8 metres.

Key Points:

  • New Depth Record: The Mumbai Maersk achieved this milestone just four weeks after the completion of a £130 million project at the UK’s largest container port. The project aimed to deepen both the approaches to the port and its primary container berths.
  • Project Details: The extensive project included increasing the depth of the approach channel from 14.5 meters to 16.0 meters and enhancing Berths 8&9 from 16.0 meters to an impressive 18.0 meters below chart datum.
  • Operational Impact: Robert Ashton, Chief Operating Officer at the Port of Felixstowe, highlighted the strategic advantages of these improvements. He noted a steady increase in the number of mega-vessels in recent years and emphasized that the port, in collaboration with Harwich Haven Authority, deepened crucial areas to solidify its position as the best-located UK port for these massive ships.
  • Access Advantage: The deeper channel not only facilitates the arrival of deeper vessels but also accommodates more ultra-large ships on each tide. This enhanced access provides a unique advantage, unmatched elsewhere in the country, and contributes to operational efficiency, emission reduction, and cost savings.
  • Strategic Significance: Ashton emphasized that the Port of Felixstowe’s proximity to the pilot station and key North European ports, coupled with the shortened channel, makes it an optimal choice for service, ultimately benefitting the shipping industry and the environment.


Industry Impact:

  • Shipping Route Significance: Serving a main shipping route into Europe, the Port of Felixstowe is the UK port most adapted for the newest generation of mega-vessels.
  • Service Efficiency: The deepened channel helps to speed the shipping process by facilitating the efficient handling of more ultra-large ships during each tide in addition to enabling the handling of deeper vessels.
  • Environmental Benefits: The Port of Felixstowe’s advantageous position and better access result in lower emissions, which is consistent with the industry’s growing focus on sustainable practices.


Mumbai Maersk’s Operations:

Maersk Line’s AE10 Service: The Mumbai Maersk connects Europe and Asia with Maersk Line’s AE10 service. The capabilities of this record-breaking vessel and the smooth transit of the expanded port highlight the developments in marine infrastructure and technology.

In conclusion, the Port of Felixstowe’s record draft achieved by the Mumbai Maersk represents a noteworthy accomplishment for the biggest container port in the United Kingdom. The port’s efforts to remain at the forefront of marine infrastructure are demonstrated by the improvements made to accommodate such deep-draft boats, which also help the shipping industry’s cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, and operational efficiency.

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