Have your say on the digital future of logistics and decarbonisation at the FIATA HQ Meeting - ISS Relocations

Get involved in FIATA’s HQ Meeting to discuss the future of logistics, as well as decarbonisation!

Attend the HQ meeting to discuss how FIATA can streamline data exchange through digital FBL.

Have your say on how FIATA can streamline data exchange with key stakeholders through the digital FBL at the HQ meeting!

There will be a workshop dedicated to the (digital) FBL, and its current and potential applications in different modes of transportation. In this session, FIATA will explore how its digital FBL solution could facilitate the exchange of data between freight forwarders and carriers, as well as key stakeholders, such as customs authorities, through the digital FBL solution. We aim to move from (digital) documents to data in order to avoid double-entry of data.
There will be four groups of participants, each focusing on a mode of transportation, moderated by guests from key organisations and companies:

• Sea: Lutercia Porto, MSC Digital Projects Director
• Air: Stephane Noll, CHAMP’s Head of Digital Engagement and Transformation
• Road: Kostantinos Alexopoulos, UNECE’s Chief of Transport Facilitation and Economics
• Rail: Deputy Freight Director for UIC, Philip Van der Bosch

Find out what fuels you need to know at the FIATA HQ Meeting: Sustainability basics!

For the transition to sustainable transport, FIATA has closely monitored the issue of new fuel options. A recent report by the OECD-ITF assesses e-fuels’ potential to fill this gap. It has been suggested that biofuels and e-fuels can be used to replace fossil fuels. Synthetic fuels derived from electricity, preferably from renewable sources, are known as e-fuels. This study examines the carbon intensity and greenhouse gas emissions of such fuels throughout their life cycle, including production, transport, and storage.
The upcoming transition is significant because almost 100% of aviation and shipping fuels will be fossil fuels by 2021. Policymakers urged regulators to eliminate price differences between conventional fuels and alternative fuels as soon as possible to incentivize change. Supply chain intermediaries and shippers will be affected by this.

Attend the FIATA Headquarters Meeting on Saturday, 18 March from 16:00-17:30 CET in Geneva.

Feeling convinced? Join us for the highly anticipated HQ Meeting in 2023!
Were you unsure, but now feel more confident? We look forward to seeing you at this year’s FIATA HQ Meeting! FIATA members are cordially invited to attend the 2023 FIATA HQ Meeting from Saturday 18 March to Tuesday 21 March. At this year’s Icebergues Welcome Reception on Friday, 17 March, there will be much excitement.

FIATA members and delegates have more opportunities to participate this year thanks to a restructured format. Workshops and interactive sessions are organized by FIATA Institutes and Advisory Bodies. This promises to be the finest HQ Meeting you’ve ever attended!

A series of informative panel sessions on topics such as “Sustainability at what cost?” “The future of multimodal logistics with digitalization”, and “From cybersecurity to aircraft damage control for ULDs” will be presented. Stay tuned for session-specific news in the coming weeks!

More information, including registration, visas, and practical tips, is available on the event’s page: 2023 FIATA HQ Meeting.

There is still time to register for the FIATA HQ Meeting until Sunday, 5 March 2023.

– FIATA HQ meeting in Geneva  – register here
– Programme for FIATA HQ meetings
– Here is a breakdown of the topics to be discussed at HQ Meetings

Participate in the Dangerous Substances Transport Survey!

Transporting dangerous substances can endanger public health and safety, as well as the environment. You play a vital role in preventing the trafficking of these substances as a member of the international freight forwarding community. FIATA is committed to supporting its members in this endeavour.

FIATA is conducting a survey on the prevention of dangerous substances trafficking in the freight forwarding industry to better understand the challenges and needs of its members. It is crucial that you participate in this survey to help us identify areas in which we can improve supply chain safety and security for our members.

We need your help to create a safer and more secure supply chain! Take 3 minutes to complete the survey!

Check out our survey on dangerous substances!
Events coming up:
• FIATA HQ Meeting, 18-21 March
• 1st Extended Board Meeting 2023: 22 March

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